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We chat with Rebel9 Design Director Jungwook Kim about who’s on the team, how work is structured and who’s in...

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Ordinary People

Ordinary People — Seyong Ahn, Seungmi Baek, Jaeha Lee, Jeongmin Seo, Jin Kang— started out their studio while they we’re studying! They...

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We caught up with Hwayoung Lee and Sang Joon, designers at BOWYER, who started out by establishing their own studio...

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Soo Jin Lee

A big congrats to Soo Jin Lee (@emptytacoshell), one of our 30 TDK Awards winners’ for 2019. A Seoul National...

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Subin Yang

Exploring the themes of home, culture, nostalgia, and identity, Illustrator Subin Yang creates scenes full of brightly colored (especially turquoise...

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Shin Morae

The way Shin Morae, Illustrator, uses colour to capture a mood grabbed our attention and the trade mark “( )”...

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Jiye Kim

On the back of just finishing her latest book, Jiye Kim Artist / Illustrator, chats with us about how she fell in...

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Triangle Studio

Kisung Jang, Art director of TRIANGLE-STUDIO actually started out in animation and stumbled into the world of design by taking...

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[복순도가 서울] Visual Lead 그래픽 총괄/ Graphic Designer 그래픽 디자이너
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Korupharma Co., LTD
Graphic Designer
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The Clorox Company
eCommerce Specialist (Graphic Designer | FMCG)
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Graphic Designer - Crypto & Blockchain
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