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Rio de Janeiro!

Estudio Cru

Dubbed as the ‘photoshop guy’ at his first job, with the original dream of being a tropical Bob Dylan—Estudio Cru...

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Bad Samaritan

Diego Leal—Designer / Art director / Basketball Player—Bad Samaritan. Diego uses his ‘evil’ creativity to send out messages with meaning—not...

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Designer Julia B Aguair self describes as a hands-on prototyper, highly curious, on-going amateur with a multidisciplinary approach. We caught...

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We caught up with Leandro Assis and Romulo Pinheiro C.E.O and creative directors of Relâmpago! They filled us in on...

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Mateus Valadares Estúdio

Mateus of Mateus Valadares Estúdio has a bit of a thing for the tactility of printed matter — and what can...

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Plau Founder and Creative Director, Rodrigo Saiani, seeks out people who take the opportunity to learn something new through what...

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How cool would it be to design and art direct title sequences for tv shows! Well that’s Júlia Bueno’s—Director &...

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Rio de Janeiro meet-up:

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July 2, 2024

Meet your Rio de Janeiro hosts

Meet Licas

Hiiiiii! I'm Licas (any pronouns) your local lovable queer disaster designer and I'm here to talk about all things design! Exchanging experiences between professionals, students and design enthusiasts is always inspiring, so I'd like to invite anyone interested to spend a little time geeking with us about typography, colors, rendering. Most importantly we're sharing real life design experiences so everybody from beginners to veterans should catch up with #TDKtuesdays Rio de Janeiro edition!


Meet Luiz

Oie, pessoal! My name is Luiz (he/him), I'm a graphic designer born in Rio and raised around my chaotic (yet functional) mind =) I've changed carriers 2 times before I get into the design area and now I feel I got the right choice! I love to connect with new people and to talk about travels, volleyball and Drag Queens! Actually, my husband and my therapist says I'm kind of obsessed about it... and I'm in peace with that! lol I'm really excited to make the "Carioca" design scene pop up in the world, so let's get together at #TDKtuesdays!


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