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We chat with Eddy & Ryan from DR.ME about the impact their internship with New York-based Illustrator Mike Perry had...

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We were over the moon excited to catch up with Intern’s founder and Editor in Chief,  Alec Dudson, when we were...

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Hollie Fuller

A big congrats to Hollie Fuller (@holliefuller_), one of our 30 TDK Awards winners’ for 2020. A Leeds Arts University...

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Josh Dring

We got hooked on Digital Designer Josh Dring‘s work via the #TDKpeepshow tag, where we found his ‘poster a day’...

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Textbook Studio

In the middle of Engine House amongst all the bits and bobs you’ll find Vicky Carr and Chris Shearston of Texbook Studio creating...

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We chat to Martin James Power (MJP) + Steven Waring (SW) the Co-Founders of creative studio Ensemble. Martin explains how...

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We chat with designer Dave Sedgwick from StudioDBD about why a good attitude is the single most important quality a...

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Alphabet, not just known for their youthful good looks ;D but also for their forward thinking, geared towards a millennial audience....

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Meet Jasmine, your Manchester host!

Since graduating, I've completed an internship at a digital design agency (e3creative) and am now a Junior Designer. As a designer, my focus is illustration! I love vectored patterns and as a hobby I love to do dot work portraiture. I wanted to be the host of the TDK Manchester to be that support network not only for students but for graduates too. I found it particularly hard as a transition and that's why I find it important that we can all stay connected!


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