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Sean Adams

Sean Adams is ‘sending the elevator back down’ – he quit his successful branding agency to run the graduate program...

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McCall Keller

A big congrats to McCall Keller @macmosskeller, one of our 30 TDK Awards winners for 2020! Based in Los Angeles,...

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Radical Co Op

Creative Director at Radical Co Op – Mathew Foster tells us when starting out in the beginning he was living off credit cards when the struggling freelance...

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Hanna Kastl-Lungberg

We adore Hanna Kastl-Lungberg‘s playful patterns and her love for vanilla ice lattes! She tells us about how her style...

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Josephmark (USA)

Ben Johnston gives us the low-down on his LA/Brisbane Studio, Josephmark. From the future of thinking to a definitive intern checklist this...

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Travis Kane

We recently caught up with Travis Kane and talk about his day-to-day work at Betty Labs, how he likes to...

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Mistress is a full-service multi-disciplinary agency based in L.A. and Hamburg. Before Blake Marquis (one of the founders of Mistress) started...

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Pencil Vs Pixel

We recently caught up with Cesar, the man behind Pencil vs Pixel. From cabinet deliveries to how you must read, read, read...

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Graphic Designer
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Jr. Graphic Designer
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California State University
516016 - Graphic Designer and Digital Media Specialist
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Page Southerland Page Inc
Lead Graphic Designer
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