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Hype Type Studio

Paul Hutchison, Creative Director & Founder of Hype Type Studio talks us through his first part-time job at a local...

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Jillian Adel

When Jillian Adel graduated, she thought she was going to work in music rather than design. Jillian tells us about how weird the...

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Kati Forner Design

We chat with Creative Director Kati Forner about her very analogue college education, the design scene in LA, her first...

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Andrea Cenon

TDK Awards 16′ winner, Andrea Cenon, tells us about her love for typesetting, the inescapable LA creative scene, and reminds you that...

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Mistress is a full-service multi-disciplinary agency based in L.A. and Hamburg. Before Blake Marquis (one of the founders of Mistress) started...

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Hanna Kastl-Lungberg

We adore Hanna Kastl-Lungberg‘s playful patterns and her love for vanilla ice lattes! She tells us about how her style...

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McCall Keller

A big congrats to McCall Keller @macmosskeller, one of our 30 TDK Awards winners for 2020! Based in Los Angeles,...

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Forth + Back

We caught up with Creative Directors/Partners of Forth + Back studio Tanner Woodbury and Nikolos Killian. They explain how they...

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Freelance Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer, Esports (Los Angeles, CA)
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Production Specialist / Installer / Graphic Designer
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