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Gold Coast!

Thea Skelsey

We caught up with artist and graphic designer Thea Skelsey, who chatted to us about the DIY creative swell on...

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The Binding

We chat with the wonderful Madeline Rawlings, founder of The Binding, about how her in-house internship at a tech software...

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40/40 Creative

We caught up with Brandon Els, Creative Director at Gold Coast studio 40/40 Creative, who shared some advice for design...

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David Lydiard


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Oven Creative

Studio Manager / Designer  Dave Lydiard of Oven Creative tells us about the importance of work ethic, personality and networking! Also where they believe design...

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The Sunday Co

We recently teamed up with Liam and the team at The Sunday Co for an epic #TDKtuesdays pin design comp (check out...

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Go Suga

We had a lovely old chat with visual artist/illustrator/graphic designer, Go Suga about surfing, being true to yourself, unconscious influences...

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Andrew Suggit

We chat to the fine gentleman behind our favourite personal project right now, The Golden Sans Project. Andrew is a...

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Meet Kristen Angela, your Gold Coast host!

I came from a background of fashion & finance, studying Graphic Design later. Since then I've done everything from packaging design, printing, marketing, illustrator, signage, branding & most recently web design! I'm a kawaii lover, booze snob, mosh-pit menace, chess-champion, kitchen tile obsessed & absolute fangirl over anything made with a spray can. If you're ever in my hood let's have a beer!


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