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Comes Cake

Comes Cake used to be three friends that fooled around with cameras and adobe programs during college that quickly became...

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Yei (the oldest and the funny one), Seb (the middle and detail orientated one) and Fed (the youngest and the...

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Folk Estudio de diseño

A few years after meeting each other at global advertising agency BBDO, Sebastián & Laura founded Folk Estudio — and...

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We couldn’t say it any better than Nicolás Cuestas, Creative Director at BITÂCORA that he describes as ‘a space where...

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We get the Gracias goss from Art Director Daniela Castiblanco and Design Director Pablo Méndez. They tell us who’s on...

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Siegenthaler & Co

Oliver Siegenthaler Art director at Siegenthaler &Co was introduced to the world of design through love and loss—which put him...

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703 Design Studio

Rafaela Echeverri, Creative Director / Founder of 703 Design Studio delved into her creative side while she was young painting...

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Diego Aguilar Villalobos

A big congrats to Diego Aguilar Villalobos (@draaav), one of our 30 TDK Awards winners for 2020. From Universidad Jorge...

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