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Maggie Tang is somewhat of an Australian legend. Find me someone who doesn’t love Maggie and we’ll buy you a...

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Meryl Vedros

Starting out working for TDC, we can understand why Meryl ❤️’s typography—she’s pretty good at it too! Now based in...

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Raúl Soria

First getting a degree in Tourism, Raúl Soria wasn’t necessarily creative growing up—until he changed his scenery and moved to Berlin...

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Daniel Ramirez Perez

We chat with Berlin-based Creative Director, Illustrator, and Designer, Daniel Ramirez Perez and hear about his typical workday⁠—the majority of...

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A big congrats to Amateur(Dot)Rocks, one of our 30 TDK Awards’ winners for 2018. A graduate duo from Berlin, their...

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Jill Senft

A big congrats to Jill Senft (@jill_senft), one of our 30 TDK Awards winners’ for 2019. A Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin...

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We LOVE the super colorful work of Illustration/art duo ZEBU (aka Lynn & Dennis), so we had a little chat...

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Tabitha Swanson

We chat with multidisciplinary designer/researcher Tabitha Swanson about 3D rendering, math homework, mentoring — yes! mentoring, we’re all about that!...

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Meet Saloni, your Berlin host!

Hey I'm Saloni an Indian UX Designer and Researcher based in Berlin. I am passionate about child-centred design with hint of play and learn. I work at a startup supporting mental health for children and their families through audio-first content. Outside work, you will find me illustrating aliens and dwelling in my paranormal world. I also like to travel, write, create zines and art with a purpose.


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