Washington D.C. Interviews

Check out the locals!

Typecase Industries

  • We chat with the lovely Alessandra of Typecase Industries about all things print and the day-to-day of running a small business. How she stays on top of everything, I don't know! From stock …

Via: Washington D.C.

Wilderness Bureau

  • 1/3 of Wilderness Bureau, Raul Zahir, admits to being a comic book nerd as a kid. He tells us about how he'd spend hours creating his own versions of X-Men or Spider-Man comics. These days h…

Via: Washington D.C.

Composite Co.

  • Jacob and Christian didn’t go to design school, but the boys from the D.C. based - Composite Co. are doing a fine job at design to say the least. They tell us to explore more and take more r…

Via: Washington D.C.


  • Nathan Hill from Nh.d talks to us about contracts with clients, designing for design’s sake, what he looks for in a portfolio, the joys of interns and a passion podcast project!

Via: Washington D.C.


  • The guys at Polygraph give us some insight into what they look for in a graduate, what the design landscape is like in DC and some solid advice of decision making, that we all face along the…

Via: Washington D.C.


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