Stockholm Interviews

Check out the locals!

Studio Parasto Backman

  • Loving this little peek into Parasto's brain as she aims to broaden the palette of graphic design. Starting off her own studio in 2008—Studio Parasto Backman—she loves exploring different pe…

Via: Stockholm

Sakaria Studio

  • From starting out with an exhibit with her former tutor Adrian Shaughnessy (no less) to then running her own studio, Sakaria Studio—Minna Sakaria is a real woman of action! We love that Minn…

Via: Stockholm

Johanna Burai

  • Johanna Burai is a young designer making waves in Stockholm! Getting creative in with sorts of  media Johanna is big on keeping the joy alive and she fills us in on why staying playful is im…

Via: Stockholm

Studio Theolin

  • Crazy Cat lady OR make things happen lady! Jenny Theolin, both an educator and an owner of Studio Theolin  really knows how to bring ideas to life! Getting things going with LOLCat Teh Exhib…

Via: Stockholm

Studio Reko

  • Beautiful typography, playful colour pallets and no hesitation to explore all area's of design, Studio Reko is ticking all the inspirational design boxes! We had a chat with Frans who is one…

Via: Stockholm


  • Have you ever told a pink lie? Wait! What even IS a pink lie!? Haha well, it's something that the guys and Fredrik Öst, Founder & Creative Director of Snask, made up!  Read on to hear about …

Via: Stockholm


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