Milwaukee Interviews

Check out the locals!


  • Michael Neiling, Ocupop Creative Director, is livin' the dream! Based in Hawaii (so you know there's surfing involved), with the rest of the team scattered across Cali, Wisconsin and British…

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Patron Sainte

  • This really is a must read interview for creatives who are unsure of themselves and what they are doing! Principal and Designer at Patron Sainte - Kate Pociask who is also one of the co-orga…

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Zac Jacobson

  • Zac Jacobson is a illustrator, while also working as a Art Director at Boelter + Lincoln. He explains why its important to have variety and passion projects throughout your portfolio, and wh…

Via: Milwaukee

Bigshot Robot

  • After doing two years of architecture and realising it wasn't for him, Illustrator/Designer David Zimmerman from Bigshot Robot, found his love of design through printmaking. He tells us abou…

Via: Milwaukee


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