Dubai Interviews

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  • We got to chat with -ing Founder, Ramy Alawssy after the conference chaos this year about how he fell into design, the amazing team scattered across the world, and using your knowledge and s…

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Fikra Design Studio

  • Neighbouring Dubai in the city of Sharjah, we were so lucky to catch up with Salem Al-Qassimi founder of Fikra Designs (and also Fikra Campus—keep an eye on what's happening there!). Read on…

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  • We were lucky enough to catch Craig Falconer—founder and Managing Director of North55 based in Dubai! Craig started to tinker around with graphic art back in his school days and managed to l…

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Moloobhoy & Brown

  • At a young age Elliott Brown— co-founder and creative director Moloobhoy & Brown — was hooked on the curls and swirls of the Coca-Cola brand. Thirsty for more Elliot dug into opportunities w…

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Ape Creative

  • Does anyone remember the Trapper Keeper!? It was the item to have as a 80/90's kid (oh the memories). Well, that's how Rollan — Creative Director and Founder of Ape Creative — kickstarted hi…

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