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We're excited to be working with these featured design schools around the globe - something for everyone.

Copenhagen Directory

A list of our favourite Copenhagen creatives, check them all out!

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design: Website

KADK: Website / Twitter / Instagram

KEA: Website

University of Copenhagen: Website / Twitter

Design Studios

All the Way to Paris: Website

BARKAS: Website / Instagram

Bessermachen: Website

Brunswicker Studio: Website / Twitter / Instagram

Design Practice: Website / Twitter / Instagram

Designunit: Website

Ehrhorn Hummerston: Website

E-Types: Website / Instagram

Hello Monday: Website

Homework: Website / Instagram

Kontrapunkt: Website / Twitter / Instagram

Low Studios: Website / Instagram

Make: Website

NR2154: Website

Playtype: Website / Twitter / Instagram

re-public: Website

Spring/Summer: Website / Twitter

Studio Claus Due: TDK Interview / Website / Instagram

Stupid Studios: Website

Thank You Studio: Website

Trouble: Website / Instagram

WAAITT: Website / Instagram

We Recommend: Website

Wrong Studio: Website / Instagram

Co-Working Spaces

Space10: Website


POST: Website / Twitter / Instagram


Hvass & Hannibal: TDK Interview / Website / Twitter / Instagram

Joakim Drescher: TDK Interview / Website / Instagram

Mikkeller Editions: Website / Instagram

My Bueman: Website / Instagram

Organisations We Love

Dansk Design Center: Website / Twitter / Instagram

Design Denmark: Website / Twitter / Instagram

INDEX: Design to Improve Life: Website / Instagram


Fat Magazine: Website

The Exposed: Website / Instagram

Design Shops

HAY: Website / Instagram

PLAYTYPE: Website / Twitter / Instagram

The General Store: Website / Instagram


Design Museum Danmark: Website / Instagram

Would You Like To Be Added Or Removed?

This is our list of people we think are great. If you would like to ADD your studio or company, we’d love to hear from you. On the flipside, if you feel uncomfortable, and would like your studio or company REMOVED, please also reach out. This list is not sponsored, and is purely a collection of humans we think are doing amazing things within the industry.:


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