Cape Town Interviews

Check out the locals!

Rudi De Wet

  • We love Rudi De Wet's bold, energetic and colorful work! It gives us major love heart eyes. 😍 We caught up with Rudi to learn more about his time at the University of Stellenbosch, what a ty…

Via: Cape Town


  • We recently spoke with Claire Johnson and Dale Lawrence of creative agency HOICK about finding the right intern for the studio, not having all your eggs in one basket, and why they think sma…

Via: Cape Town

Fran Labuschagne

  • Freelance Illustrator & Animator, Fran Labuschagne — in her own words — is a classic “I’ve been drawing since I can remember” kind of creative. She tells us about her make-believe studio cal…

Via: Cape Town

Jade Klara

  • Jade Klara draws things, and she draws them real good. We caught up with Jade on our #TDKafrica tour to talk about her goofy work, meeting — or not meeting — expectations, and the design sce…

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  • We first found Parsons via our #TDKpeepshow tag, everything they posted caught our eye. So on our #TDKafrica trip we just HAD to swing by the office and meet them! We had a chat with Chief C…

Via: Cape Town

Made by Radio

  • We were incredibly lucky to catch Byron Meiring—Creative Director and co-founder of Made by Radio and hear about a typical day in the studio, all the awesome peeps he works with as well as s…

Via: Cape Town

Studio Muti

  • At Studio Muti you'll find a team of awesome illustrators, designers and letterers 🙂All this was started back in the day by Clinton Campbell, Minй Jonker and Brad Hodgskiss who among other t…

Via: Cape Town

Aurora Creative Studio

  • Starting to freelance while she studied—Lize-Marie Dreyer, the Owner, Illustrator and Designer at Aurora Creative Studio—built her portfolio and developed a following on Behance! Keeping Liz…

Via: Cape Town

Daniel Ting Chong

  • Daniel Ting Chong had the guts at the ripe age of 22, to kick off his independent career of awesomeness. From branding to illustration to film making Daniels covered it! Read on to hear what…

Via: Cape Town


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