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  • We chat with Foundry's main man Mat Colley, who shares with us his fave books & blogs, including Steal like an artist; his rebellious pre-teen years aka. stealing screen-printing supplies (t…

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Design is Yay

  • If you're obsessed with stationery and getting organised (like us) you're going to love Design is Yay!  We had a chat with Wita about how she channeled her passion and skills into creating a…

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  • Eric Di Cuollo - Director of ED. is a digital agency based in the nations capital, Canberra. Eric tells us how Canberra designers and agencies are really starting to punch above their weight…

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  • We spoke with the Director of Inklab - Colin Haining, how being a competitive bunch by nature helps challenge themselves each day to produce better work, what they look for in a graduate and…

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Chad Barnier

  • We chat to creative Chad Barnier, who when he's not freelancing on the go while touring with his band, Drawing North, calls Canberra home. Chad teaches us how to deal with the design disaste…

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Voodoo Creative

  • Today we touch base with John Yanny of Voodoo Creative who have offices in both Canberra and Melbourne. John tells us how he fell in love with design, why he started his own studio fresh out…

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