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Bern Directory

A list of our favourite Bern creatives, check them all out!

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Bern University of the Arts (HKB): Website / Twitter / Instagram

ECAL : Website / Twitter / Instagram

School of Design Bern and Beil: Website

Design Studios

B&R: Website

Buro Destruct: Website / Twitter

Daniel Peter: Website / Instagram

Emphase: Website / Twitter

Enigma: Website / Twitter / Instagram

Hinderling Volkart: Website / Twitter / Instagram

Kargo: Website / Twitter

Maxomedia: Website / Twitter

Noord: Website / Instagram

Nulleins: Website

Pixel Farm: Website / Instagram

Would You Like To Be Added Or Removed?

This is our list of people we think are great. If you would like to ADD your studio or company, we’d love to hear from you. On the flipside, if you feel uncomfortable, and would like your studio or company REMOVED, please also reach out. This list is not sponsored, and is purely a collection of humans we think are doing amazing things within the industry.:


Ligature: Website / Instagram


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