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HOT HOT HOT! No, not the weather 😂but Berlin’s creative scene! New fall season calls for a new art season. So here's the load down: @berlinerfestspiele 3D dome, @urbannationberlin reopens with art murals by @snikarts, @retuneberlin festival, abandoned factory exhibit, @berlinartweek continues and our October #TDKtuesdays is on to swap and share an insanely good reading/inspiration list. Don’t bunker down just yet! GET THOSE SHOES ON and head out that door to explore!

Jessie Sanbrook

— Jessie Sanbrook

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The future is Human

Kids creative agency, Reichenberger Strasse 121, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Oct 25

Data Natives 2018 - The Data-Driven Conference of the Future

Nov 22

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