Barcelona Interviews

Check out the locals!

Oriol Massaguer

  • You know we go crazy for bold colors here at TDK, so when we came across freelance artist & illustrator, Oriol Massaguer we wanted to scroll through his work forever. Here, Oriol shares with…

Via: Barcelona

Guille Manchado

  • We chat with abstract illustrator Guille Manchado about failure (always one of our favorite topics), his plan to grow his online presence this year, and his quite linear progression through …

Via: Barcelona


  • We find so many amazing people through our #TDKpeepshow tag and Jorge León from Séptimo is one of them! We were super excited to see more of Jorge's work and get an insight into Séptimo. Nat…

Via: Barcelona

Domestic Data Streamers

  • We had a chat with the guys from Domestic Data Streamers— it's pretty amazing how they tell stories through data! I would spend a fair bit of time digging through their work. Have a read to …

Via: Barcelona


  • Are you on the hunt for a good design time? Fancy a bit of sexy design work? Haha—look no further than achos! They have their very own tinder profile and have been up to some naughty things.…

Via: Barcelona

Lo Siento

  • How lucky are we! We got to have a bit of a chat with the legendary Borja Martinez, creative director and founder of the studio Lo Siento. Borja loves to get his hands dirty and play with na…

Via: Barcelona

Codea Studio

  • We chat with the colourful trio at Codea Studio about how they came together; their super cool side project @eeeeeeeeee_disposablecameras (that's 10 e's incase you're wondering); and their n…

Via: Barcelona


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