Antwerp Interviews

Check out the locals!

Mr. Henry

  • We chat with Hans Spooren, Creative Director at Mr. Henry, about zapping toys in the microwave (they deserved it) the note from his Architecture teacher saying “You passed, but you should do…

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Creative Network

  • True grit is one way to describe Timothy Helmer's passion for graphic design! Taking the less traditional approach by starting out in the industry working and then going back to study shows …

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  • Keep your eyes peeled for typographic gems at the flea market, get some experience abroad, and work your side hustle while you're studying! This how Naomi and Vincent got things going—they o…

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Ines Cox

  • From playing 'office' when she was young Ines Cox began to experiment with her fathers photocopier to create imagery that went towards making her own zines! Today Ines is inspired by things …

Via: Antwerp


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