TDK Awards

TDK Awards ’23

Nov 1 2023 – Jan 13 2024
Worldwide entries
10 Industry judges
30 winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our 9th year of running TDK Awards! We invited 10 industry leaders, spread across the world, to judge the work. They were told to pretend they were hiring for a junior role and to pick 3 people they would get in for an interview based on all the PDF folio applications. The result is the hottest talent A-Z going into 2024, so if you are hiring, read on!


Our judges were chosen on their high industry involvement and incredible standard of work. More than half of them have been involved in teaching design in some capacity and understand student limitations, but also know the standard and what to look for. Thanks again to our judges!

A Friend Of Mine – Suzy Tuxen, Melbourne
Base Design – Caroline Cox, NYC/Melbourne
Center – Alex Center, NYC
Designworks – Anzac Tasker, Auckland
Freytag Anderson – Greig Anderson, Glasgow
Hoodzpah – Jen and Amy Hood, San Diego
Made by James – James Martin, Southampton UK
Ordinary People – Jin Kang, Seoul
Pink Pony – Kristy Campbell, Auckland
Studio Dumbar – Liza Enebeis, Rotterdam

…and here are our 2023/2024 winners, congrats guys!


Design work by Abbey Barlow - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Abbey Barlow

Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland University of Technology

Chosen by Anzac Tasker: Opening up a world of serendipity through a process of make to discover unique graphic outcomes is a refreshing approach to developing visual solutions in a tech drenched world.

See their work here
Design work by Abigail White - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Abigail White

Kansas City, United States
University of Kansas

Chosen by Alex Center: It’s a really hard thing to balance design that feels contemporary while also being commercial. Her work is both incredibly well crafted while having a sense of energy. Abigail has found a way to make a paper clip packaging exciting and modern, a speakeasy feel not tired, and a meal delivery service look chic. That’s not easy to do. Bravo.

See their work here
Design work by Alexa McKay - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Alexa McKay

Auckland, New Zealand
Whitecliffe School of Art & Yoobee

Chosen by Anzac Tasker: Simplicity sits at the heart of every great design solution. Her appreciation for simplicity is felt through her execution. A lovely and elegant touch throughout the work.

See their work here
Design work by Brendan Shanahan - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Brendan Shanahan

New York City, United States
Self Taught

Chosen by Anzac Tasker: Striking graphics paired with provoking imagery to compose engaging pieces of design. A wonderful presentation of work through multiple mediums of our practice.

See their work here
Design work by Camilo Soriano - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Camilo Soriano

Bogota, Colombia
Universidad de los Andes - Colombia

Chosen by Caroline Cox: Camilo has a really solid understanding of how a brand system should work. All four of his projects had really simple, singular but impactful approaches to colour and typography. And most importantly, a great level of restraint in application. I also like that he doesn’t necessarily have a particular personal style that is applied across all the work, but instead approaches each project with the client/customer in mind.

See their work here
Design work by Catarina Felicio - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Catarina Felicio

Lisbon, Portugal
Northumbria University + IADE University

Chosen by Greig Anderson: Catarina’s work had a very considered aesthetic which immediately appealed. Her project for The Komu hotel was well crafted and showed that she has a great understanding of how a brand should translate across various media. Strong use of typography and space makes for a serene look and feel but there is clearly a volume control for the identity to become more active for certain applications. She has a strong eye for detail and composition and I would like to see more of her work.

See their work here
Design work by Demetria Valasakos - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Demetria Valasakos

Los Angeles, United States
Chapman University

Chosen by Suzy Tuxen: Demetria’s work is vibrant, bold, creative — and like a wonderful breath of fresh air! I particularly loved the strong structured typography of the BUG project compared with a looser, more hand drawn vibe for the Sour Grapes project. We often look for someone who is more than a ‘one trick pony’ and Demetria certainly nailed this variety, whilst showing a polish to her work at the same time. I will be keeping tabs on Demetria’s work with interest.

See their work here
Design work by Eleanor Donley - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Eleanor Donley

Melbourne, Australia
Swinburne University

Chosen by Suzy Tuxen: Eleanor has a lovely eye for colour, composition and form. Playfully exploring custom typography, publication, and thoughtful copywriting, Eleanor demonstrates creative range and adaptability to different projects which is a vital skill! I look forward to watching how Eleanor evolves her work in the future.

See their work here
Design work by Ester Wilkstrom - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Ester Wilkstrom

London, England
Ravensbourne University

Chosen by Greig Anderson: Ester’s folio was really well presented and shows a maturity in her work. A keen eye of detail and composition the work for Finn Waring was nicely executed. Some lovely motion work as well which is great to see. The Bad Running Club project really appealed to me as a runner (I need to get one of those hats). Overall a really well considered portfolio which really stood out.

See their work here
Design work by Gabrielle Uy - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Gabrielle Uy

New York City, United States
Yale University

Chosen by Caroline Cox: Gabrielle’s folio was like none other. I loved her hyper-personal approach to creativity and looking through her projects – I could imagine her career going in a multitude of directions. It was nice to see something so handmade which is contrary to the industry so many of us practice in. Her work feels layered, highly experimental, and just weird and wonderful in the best way.

See their work here
Design work by Grace Mitchell - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Grace Mitchell

Bristol, England
University of the West of England

Chosen by Suzy Tuxen: Grace Mitchell’s portfolio is bold and punchy, yet has a refinement that I really appreciated. She gives me the impression that she’d be able to hit the ground running in a studio environment to create eye-catching, witty work. I was particularly drawn to her custom typography which is wonderfully striking and confident. I will be watching Grace’s work with curiosity in the future!

See their work here
Design work by Grace Tamme - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Grace Tamme

Sydney, Australia

Chosen by Greig Anderson: Grace’s work has a strong, clean aesthetic which appeals. Her understanding of creating identity systems which are flexible enough to work across a variety of outputs was great to see. A nice selection of work showing both tactile image creation as well as strong editorial design which feels like something you see less and less of these days rounded out a great selection of work.

See their work here
Design work by Hale Jung - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Hale Jung

New York City, United States
Self Taught

Chosen by Alex Center: I really love Hale’s approach to design. It’s very clear how rooted the work is in clear concepts that come to life in the finished product. I also love that you can get a sense of their personal interests in the projects they’ve chosen. As conceptual projects go, ACME and Pigeons & Planes are two very fun opportunities for branding exploration.

See their work here
Design work by Jacob Hwan Lee - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Jacob Hwan Lee

New York City, United States & South Korea
Rhode Island School of Design

Chosen by Caroline Cox: Jacob’s approach to type and colour feels really fun, accessible and commercial. There is a really great bold refinement with some unexpected interesting quirks and surprises which elevates the work beyond the expected. Lots of simple idea’s executed thoughtfully and professionally.

See their work here
Design work by James Junk - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

James Junk

Los Angeles, United States
UC Davis

Chosen by Alex Center: I love designers who bring personality to their work. Sure beautifully crafted design can attract people, but you know what else makes people fall in love? A great sense of humor. James has a portfolio of work that is optimistic, fun and makes me smile. Times are tough right now, who doesn’t want that?

See their work here
Design work by Jess Owen - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Jess Owen

Melbourne, Australia

Chosen by Jin Kang: JO exhibited exceptional editorial design skills and distinctive branding and visual work. The structure of the PDF JO submitted was outstanding, providing evidence of JO’s ability to tie together not just individual elements but the entire presentation, contributing to the creation of such excellent work.

See their work here
Design work by Jiaqi (Amanda) Guo - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Jiaqi (Amanda) Guo

New York City, United States
Parsons School of Design

Chosen by Jin Kang: Jiaqi Guo’s typographically-driven graphic outputs are beautiful. JG branding projects skillfully reinterpret the unique characteristics of each brand through lettering and its extension, creating interesting results. Simultaneously, the elegantly crafted editorial designs contribute to the overall appeal of JG’s attitude toward graphic design.

See their work here
Design work by Jonathan Welch - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Jonathan Welch

San Diego, United States
San Diego City College

Chosen by Jin Kang: Jonathan’s consistently maintains impressive quality while showcasing results in various styles. Producing remarkable quality across diverse projects, including events, stores, editorial pieces, and personal works, is quite challenging, making JW’s work all the more intriguing.

See their work here
Design work by Juuli Miettila - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Juuli Miettila

Helsinki, Finland
Aalto University

Chosen by James Martin: As creatives we all know how important it is to own a style and Juuli really fucking owns hers. The consistency in execution is something that really stood out to me and it’s clear Juuli leans into her OWN unique talent. The unwavering connection she has to her own ability to communicate will make her a force to be reckoned with. There is a famous quote that juuli epitomises – “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

See their work here
Design work by Katya Gorbova - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Katya Gorbova

Katya Gorbova
Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

Chosen by Kristy Campbell: Katya’s portfolio highlights her impressive ability to take a specific brief and transform it into cohesive and aesthetically pleasing marketing collateral that perfectly aligns with the brand’s identity. Her talent shines through as she combines unique color palettes and typefaces, resulting in a contemporary and engaging style. The second aspect that stood out in her portfolio was not only the quality of her work but also her ability to create a well-structured and editorial-style PDF portfolio. This attention to detail is often overlooked by designers, but it’s worth noting that a well-designed portfolio can go a long way and leave a lasting impression.

See their work here
Design work by Knoxie LeRoux - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Knoxie LeRoux

Atlanta, United States
Anderson University SC

Chosen by Amy Hood: There’s a real dichotomy to Knoxie’s work: the overall restraint and control of each project is offset by one element that pushes the boundaries of the project genre. Each project shows a grasp of the core audience and delivers something that works commercially but still pushes the limits a bit to keep you looking.

See their work here
Design work by Lara Speer - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Lara Speer

Auckland, New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington

Chosen by James Martin: I have always been a big fan of infusing my illustrative style into my design work and Lara is a similar human. I love how art and design seamlessly collide in her work, if feels so unique, intentional and different. Her ability to tell a story and visually execute a narrative is a super power in today’s design world… This journalistic approach is so wonderful to see and allows the work to sell itself.

See their work here
Design work by Loise Gousset - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Loise Gousset

Paris, France
Estienne Paris, Intuit Lab Paris

Chosen by Amy Hood: Louise’s work has a bold refinement to it. The work feels elevated but still retains a human touch. Louise seems to have a firm grasp on building out a solid brand system that can become recognisable.

See their work here
Design work by Michael Carreon - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Michael Carreon

NYC, United States
San Diego City College

Chosen by Kristy Campbell: Michael’s portfolio beautifully showcases his visual identity design skills. He creates a distinct presence for each brand by combining bold and thoughtful logo choices, intricate illustration work – notably in his project “Yuki” – and the ability to apply color in a well-thought-out manner across all his projects. It’s evident that Michael has a promising future ahead in the field of creating visual identities, whether as a freelance designer or within a dynamic and creative agency.

See their work here
Design work by Mickt Flior - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Mickt Flior

Charlotte, NC, United States
North Carolina State University and Ilustra S/A

Chosen by Kristy Campbell: I was immediately struck by the visual excellence of Mickt’s portfolio when I first opened it. Mickt demonstrates her remarkable talent as an illustrator through the masterful use of vibrant and distinctive color combinations, textures that enhance details, and custom hand lettering with an abstract flair. Her skill oozes through as she infuses personality into various brands through her distinctive and eye-catching style. It’s truly impressive to witness a young designer who has not only discovered a style she seems to enjoy but also excels at it.

See their work here
Design work by Milena Ni - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Milena Ni

Paris, France
ESAA La Martinière Diderot, Lyon

Chosen by Liza Enebeis: Milena’s work really stood out – Both controlled and free at the same time. Projects ranging from stylised diagrams to poetic posters. I am really looking forward to seeing how she develops both these disciplines and possibly brings them closer together.

See their work here
Design work by Minh Pham - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Minh Pham

New York City, United States
School of Visual Arts

Chosen by Liza Enebeis: Minh has the ability to take an idea and really go for it. Understanding all aspects of an identity and how it can develop. From typography to 3d to print and spatial, taking care of every detail with complete control of every element he designs with. It’s exciting to see how he will develop identities in the future.

See their work here
Design work by Ruiying (Candice) Zeng - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Ruiying (Candice) Zeng

Melbourne, Australia

Chosen by Amy Hood: Ruiying’s work pushes you out of your comfort zone in a good way. It presents the unexpected but never feels like a designer overindulging at the sake of the project. There is an obvious care for craft and attention to detail.

See their work here
Design work by Sam Dekocker - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Sam Dekocker

Ghent, Belgium
LUCA School Of Arts

Chosen by Liza Enebeis: Sam has the talent of understanding and mixing techniques and media in a very personal way. Creating results that question analog and digital by truly combining the two. His investigative approach leads to unexpected results – such as the FACE-IT project. Looking forward to being surprised by the work of Sam in the future.

See their work here
Design work by Nefeli Naoum - TDK Awards ’23 Award Winner

Nefeli Naoum

Cornwall, England
Arts University Plymouth

Chosen by James Martin: A logo without a design system to back it up is pointless, Nefeli definitely clearly realises the importance of this and executes it effortlessly within her work. Fantastic continuity and consistency in the execution of her projects makes her a standout choice for me. Great understanding of how to build a visual identity into a cohesive design system, wonderful type choices and a lot of the work has this element of surprise.

See their work here

2023 Top 30 Lecturers

And a new thing for 2023, we wanted to thank those putting in the hard yards that make all this happen. Lecturers are the unsung heroes of the design industry and we wanted to give them a shout out. These were the top 30 voted by all the entrants!

Bradford Praire, San Diego City College, San Diego
Caroline Hunt, Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney
Dahlia Ishak, Shillington, New York City
Dan Smith, RMIT, Melbourne
Dr. David Sargent, QCAD Griffith University, Gold Coast
Ellen Lupton, Maryland Institute College of Art, New York City
George Hajian, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland
Gerard Fox, Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dublin
Jeff Glendenning, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore
Joseph Han, School of Visual Arts, New York City
Karen Cheng, University of Washington, Seattle
Kuen Kam, Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney
Kylie Burns, Swinburne University, Melbourne
Leigh Whetter, RMIT, Melbourne
Luis Lobos, Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney
Luke Anspach, Anderson University SC, Atlanta
Martin Donnelly, Birmingham City University, Birmingham
Meena Khalili, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Melanie Maher, Billy Blue College of Design, Brisbane
Mike Daines, Utah State University, Salt Lake City
Nathan Millard, Shillington, Sydney
Nicki Wragg, Swinburne University, Melbourne
Nicola Hardcastle, University of Technology, Sydney
Nikki Carlson, TAFE Queensland, Brisbane
Paula Muraresco, Coventry University, Coventry
Robbie Carter, Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney
Sean Bacon, San Diego City College, New York City
Simon Rankin, RMIT, Melbourne
Tim Speaker, Anderson University SC, Atlanta
Tom Mower, Kingston University, London
Zoe Patterson, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

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