TDK Awards

TDK Awards ’23

Nov 1 2023 – Jan 10 2024
Worldwide entries
10 Industry judges
30 winners


Welcome to our 9th annual Graphic Design awards aimed at celebrating emerging designers! After a 3 year hiatus due to all things Covid and our own bandwidths, we are BACK BABY!! Putting some good vibes out into the world right now is what we all need.

As per everything TDK, it’s FREE to enter! It’s very important to us that we make design accessible for everyone. Not only is it free, we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible – you submit a mini PDF portfolio, and each year we pick 10 amazing judges to look at them. They choose 3 winners each, which they would hypothetically be interested in interviewing further for a job, then we ask them why they picked you which we put on our blog post and we promote you via all the love on IG to over 1 million impressions each week!

If you’re in that top 30 for the year, it’s THE perfect boost for starting your design career and launching yourself into the industry.

Our judges this year are some serious talent:

A Friend Of Mine – Suzy Tuxen, Melbourne
Base Design – Caroline Cox, NYC/Melbourne
Center – Alex Center, NYC
Designworks – Anzac Tasker, Auckland
Freytag Anderson – Greig Anderson, Glasgow
Hoodzpah – Jen and Amy Hood, San Diego
Made by James – James Martin, Southampton UK
Ordinary People – Jin Kang, Seoul
Pink Pony – Kristy Campbell, Auckland
Studio Dumbar – Liza Enebeis, Rotterdam

Entry requirements:

Open to all ages and nationalities. The only request is that you studied something related to Graphic Design at any point during 2021, 2022 or 2023, or you are self taught with less than 3 years experience.

To enter:

1. Pop your details in the form below.
2. Attach your folio at the end of the form.
You must do both to be considered.

Your folio:

– Landscape please!
– Maximum 2 resume pages + maximum 5 work pages. (Can include 1 project or 5 projects or cram in 10 projects, we don’t mind, but max 5 folio pages as the judges have a LOT to get through! We once had a 65 page folio! Don’t be that guy.)
– Total maximum 7 page PDF, under 10MB
– ONE FILE ONLY, *must* be named firstname_lastname.PDF so we can link it to your application.


Submissions open: Nov 1 2023 – Jan 10 2024
Announce winners: Mon 1 Feb 2024

What you win:

– A website feature to our entire 500,000 strong community with many many studio eyes looking over it
– Instagram love to nearly 1 million impressions!
– Something impressive for the old resume
– Be seen by our 10 judges, as well as all studios on TDK looking to hire top talent.

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