TDK Awards

TDK Awards '20

November 2020 – January 2021
Worldwide entries
10 Industry judges
30 winners


Welcome back to our annual Graphic Design awards! After a shocking year, we want to finish strong and give you guys, the emerging designers, the confidence boost you need going into 2021. As per everything TDK, it’s free to enter! We do this because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for awards. We love giving back to the community at the end of each year and celebrate all the emerging design talent around the world.


Submitting to our awards is super simple! You send us a short, 5 page portfolio and each year we pick 10 amazing judges to look at them. They choose 3 each, which they would hypothetically be interested in interviewing further for a job. We ask them why they picked you, which we share with the world on our blog post, and then we promote you and your work on our IG to over 1 million impressions each week! If you’re in that top 30 for the year, it’s THE perfect boost for starting your design career and launching yourself into the industry.

Our judges were chosen based on their high industry involvement and incredible standard of work. More than half of them have been involved in teaching design in some capacity and understand student limitations, but also know the standard and what to look for. Thanks again to our amazing 2020 judges!

Pentagram, Micheal Bierut, NYC
Jade Purple Brown, Chicago/ NYC
Frost* Design, Vince Frost, Sydney
Character, Lauren Wong, NYC
Canva, Sally Woellner, Sydney
Where Are The Black Designers, Mitzi Okou, NYC
Two Times Elliott, James Horwitz, London
Giulia Giannini McGauran (GG McG), Melbourne
Bielke&Yang, Evan McGuinness, Oslo
For The People, Johanna Roca & Jason Little, Tasmania


Entry requirements:

The only request is that you studied something Graphic Design related in 2019 or 2020, or that you are self-taught with less than 2 years experience.


What to submit:

– To enter, simply fill out the form HERE and attach your PDF folio.

– Maximum 2 resume pages + maximum 5 works pages, total maximum 7 page PDF, under 10MB, as one file named firstname_lastname.pdf.

– Can include 1 project across 5 pages/5 projects on one page each/cram in 10 projects, we don’t mind! But, we do limit it to five folio pages as the judges have a LOT to get through.

– Entries are accepted from November 23rd to January 15th.


What you win:

– A website feature on the blog announcement to our entire 300,000 strong community with many many studio eyes looking over it!

– A mention in our EDM to said studios!

– Instagram love to over 1 million people!

– An option to work for/with our offical sponsor, Canva!


About our sponsor:

Each year we pick an industry leader to support the awards so it’s always be free for you guys! This year we’d like to say a huge thanks to Canva who’ve jumped onboard for 2020.

If you don’t know Canva, you should! As Australia’s first Unicorn, they are the leading force behind providing templates for clients and making design even more accessible. As a tool for designers, it was conceived as a product that could introduce anyone to the joy of design and prove its power to change the world for the better. They’re excited to support the TDK Awards and to champion the next generation of designers, innovators, and creative thinkers.

As a winner, if you living in a place that Canva’s based out of (Manila, Australia, Texas, South Africa) you have a guaranteed interview which you could use purely as an interview exercise, advance through the job process for an actual job opportunity with them, or work on a paid commission!

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