TDK Awards

TDK Awards '18

November 2018 – January 2019
Worldwide entries
10 Industry judges
30 winners

We are super excited to announce our top students and graduates for 2019! We invited 10 industry leaders spread across the world to judge the work. They were told to pretend they were hiring for a junior role and to pick 3 people they would get in for an interview based on all the applications. The result is the hottest talent for 2019, so if you are hiring, read on!


Our judges were chosen on their high industry involvement and incredible standard of work. More than half of them have been involved in teaching design in some capacity and understand student limitations, but also know the standard and what to look for. Thanks again to our judges!

Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister & Walsh, NYC. @jessicavwalsh

Oliver Siegenthaler, Siegenthaler & Co, Bogota. @siegenco

Jupio Ishiyama, Studio A – Interbrand, Lima. @studioa_peru

Chris Cooper, Studio Band, Adelaide. @studioband

Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree, NYC. @letasobierajski @wadejeffree

Jesper Bange, Bond, Helsinki. @bond_creative

Daniela Garza, Anagrama, Mexico City. @anagramastudio

Jeremy Wortsman, The Jacky Winter Group, Melbourne. @jackywinter

Caroline Bagley and Sohee Kim, COLLINS, SF. @thisiscollins

Toby Johnston, Shift, Singapore & Hong Kong. @shiftpartners

… And here are our 2018 winners, congrats guys!

Design work by Bentzion Goldman - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Bentzion Goldman — @bentziong

New York, USA
Parsons School of Design

Daniela’s pick: Bentzion work shows a deep understanding of layouts and hierarchy through a young and refreshing behaviour approach. I appreciate how Goldmann plays around a classic basis but always adding a twist that merges into a perfect brand system. Also, I love the care and detailed presentation of the work.

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Design work by Denzel Boyd - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Denzel Boyd — @____denz

Los Angeles, USA
Virginia Commonwealth University

Daniela’s pick: Denzel show us how graphic design can be translated into the physical world beyond stationery, packaging or other common formats. I enjoyed looking with detail all the textures and explorations around Boyd work. I consider this portfolio is the result of design curiosity, that is exactly what this industry needs. Good for Boyd!

Design work by Soo Jin Lee  - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Soo Jin Lee  — @emptytacoshell

Seoul, Korea
Seoul National University

Daniela’s pick: Soo Jin’s book made me look twice at every piece of work in it. I like the design that makes you see twice, not because is only beautiful but memorable. I find Soo Jin’s work intriguing and refreshing. I see a fearless attitude that doesn’t mind breaking a couple of rules to do some experimentation graphic design. Really happy to see refreshing aesthetics proposals around.

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Design work by Maximilian Mauracher - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Maximilian Mauracher — @mxmlnmrchr

Berlin, Germany
University of Applied Arts Vienna

Jesper’s pick: A very cool portfolio. Very much Maximillian seems to have a very good eye on details. His work is very current and “du jour”,  but still in a way timeless, respecting graphic design heritage. This portfolio actually made me think: “I wish I had done this!”

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Design work by Shambhavi Ojha - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Shambhavi Ojha —

New Delhi, India
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Caroline + Sohee’s pick: We really appreciated Shambhavi’s unique and sophisticated approach to editorial design. Their project “Food and Culture” shows a thoughtful consideration for typography and playful use of the grid. We were really drawn to the dramatic use of whitespace. 

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Design work by Liam Hamill - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Liam Hamill — @lliamhamill

Dublin, Ireland
Institute of Art, Design + Technology (IADT)

Caroline + Sohee’s pick: Liam’s portfolio overall shows that they are master of many disciplines, including typeface, packaging, and editorial design. We were particularly drawn to their “Pandemonium film festival packaging” with its clever use of materials. We’re excited to see what Liam makes next. 

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Design work by Carl Hampus Vallin - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Carl Hampus Vallin — @carlhampusvallin

San Francisco, USA
Academy of Art University

Wade & Leta’s pick: One folio ready to go! Strong colour, composition and art direction skills paired with knowledge of some complicated production methods with the lovely Mohawk Maker. 

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Design work by Kate Peebles - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Kate Peebles — @kitto_katsu

Brisbane, AUS
University of the Arts, London

Jeremy’s pick: Absolutely loved this folio and left me wanting to see more! Kate’s work is really on trend, but at the same time exploring some new territory aesthetically where I can see her developing her unique voice. I really loved her use of geometry without being too rigid. Add in a deft touch for unique textures, as well as her playful takes on some of the saucier subject matter, and you have a winning combination. Looking forward to seeing where she takes her emerging folio!

Design work by Cassie Stevens - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Cassie Stevens — @SoggySavoy

Melbourne, AUS
Monash University

Jeremy’s pick: Hard to go past the deep well of Australiana that Cassie has mined for her work, definitely hits the mark for me! Cassie is definitely taking a fearless approach to her folio – both in terms of subject matter, but also how she is exploring a wide variety of mediums in addition to traditional illustration. From her sculptures to wall art, there’s a unifying and imperfect aesthetic that is really captivating. It’s obviously hitting the mark for others as well, as her commissioned work shows as well. Definitely going to keep an eye on this home-grown talent.

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Design work by Aley Hanson - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Aley Hanson — @aley.hanson

San Francisco, USA
Rhode Island School of Design

Jeremy’s pick: I was immediately drawn to Aley’s work, and not just because it was at the top of my list, Alphabetically! She’s absolutely tapped into something very contemporary in the state of illustration, and while some of the pieces can look a bit crude on the surface, the underlying compositions and use of colour display an underlying mastery at work. While I can already see a wide variety of application for this work but I know if she keeps pushing this aesthetic she’ll end up in some really new and exciting territory!

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Design work by Eva Cremers - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Eva Cremers — @evacremers

Groningen, the Netherlands
Minerva Art Academy

Wade & Leta’s pick: A strong example of simple, playful ideas created in varied styles with care and clarity of execution. 

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Design work by Hannah Small - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Hannah Small — @

Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Wade & Leta’s pick: We are suckers for some beautifully organised illegibility. Interlock is a great example of a graphic designer exploring their fields namesake. 

Design work by Jill Senft - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Jill Senft — @jill_senft

Berlin, Germany
Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Toby’s pick: I just loved all of her images. Unique, Hilarious, thoughtful and beautiful.

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Design work by Ana Abreu - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Ana Abreu — @studiohumana

Lisbon, Portugal
University of Évora, Portugal

Toby’s pick: Loved this restrained work and her idea of reducing the scales of justice down to their purist form. It was a welcome breath of fresh air minimalism in a sea of extremely vibrant zingy folio submissions.

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Design work by Olivia Park - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Olivia Park — @theoliviapark

Boston, USA
Rhode Island School of Design

Toby’s pick: This folio felt rich with original, meaningful experimental content – like a great student folio should! Liked the slightly unfinished edge to it all.

Design work by Carlos Bocai - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Carlos Bocai — @carlosbocai

Brooklyn, New York
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Jupio’s Pick: Very versatile and full of ideas! He looks like the kind of person whose brain can’t stop thinking about design. The use of colors in his projects really stand out (we can see some Brazilian influence here), and he manages to mix them in a very balanced way. It’s very refreshing to see and understand his vision in every project. He has a point and proves it through design.

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Design work by Lisa Apers - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Lisa Apers — @frosnapers

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jesper’s pick: What caught my eye with this portfolio is how it manages to cross boundaries between graphic design and arts. The work is very experimental and I would love to see more of this kind of work in commercial settings. 

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Design work by Élise Rigollet - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Élise Rigollet — @eliserigollet

Glasgow, UK
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

Chris’s pick: I don’t usually gravitate towards graphic design that bleeds into the area of visual art but this really caught my attention. There is a beautiful balance of intensity and restraint. It’s evident that a great deal of consideration, craft and care has gone into every element. The playful yet structured typography creates a fantastic energy. I especially like the University of Oregon posters, would happily have any one of them hanging on my wall, a great example of contemporary graphic design that is enduring. Really great work!

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Design work by Giordano Zatta - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Giordano Zatta — @giordanozatta

Wellington, New Zealand
Massey University

Chris’s pick: I’m a sucker for monochromatic design and typography, especially when it is executed so well. Honest, sophisticated, intelligent, bold, minimalist, expressive, these are all the words that spring to mind. Giordano clearly has a natural eye for composition and typography, not to mention a name that is destined for fame.

Design work by Ronaldo Vidal - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Ronaldo Vidal — @ronaldoav

São Paulo, Brazil
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM)

Chris’s pick: I would call this ‘graphic designers design’. There is some really nice Swiss influence here. A solid focus on hierarchy, structure and clarity. Some really smart thinking along with highly crafted execution. Love the bubble wrap poster, so good!  

Design work by Daphna Awadish - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Daphna Awadish — @daphna_awadish

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The School of Fine Arts and Design | St.Joost (AKV|St.Joost)

Jupio’s pick: Really loved her illustration, there`s some nostalgia in there. Her character design skills are very refreshing, the way she manages to portrait the personalities in her characters, the use of colors and spontaneity and honesty of her stories, really captured my attention.

Design work by Miguel Anonimo - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Miguel Anonimo —

Barcelona, Spain
ELISAVA | Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Jesper’s pick: Graphic design is also about the control of elements. This portfolio is an excellent example of a nicely fine-tuned, coherent ensemble, that is very much in control. Nice looking stuff – I like!

Design work by Christopher Edwards - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Christopher Edwards — @_c_edwards

London, UK
De Montfort University

Caroline + Sohee’s pick: We really loved his Practical Printer editorial pieces that were inspired by Japanese gardens. We can tell that Chris is an experimental maker with a strong sense of form and typography. We could get lost in all the little details inside of this booklet.

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Design work by Shyanne Trutwein - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Shyanne Trutwein — @shyannetrutweindesign

Brisbane, AUS
Billy Blue College of Design

Oliver’s pick: A portfolio with a super balance. It’s handling of typography, illustration, composition and colour are very good and it’s surprising when it takes the concepts to different disciplines (Brand, packaging, digital, visual communications). Her work shows branding system capabilities.

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Design work by Julia GR - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Julia GR — @g.r_julia

Montreal, Canada
L'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Oliver’s pick: I loved her style. Her illustrations are an abstraction of reality to simple forms full of feeling and innocence. Her illustrations don’t just stay on paper but can become a product, they make you imagine hundreds of possibilities with her graphic.

Design work by Zenobia Ahmed - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Zenobia Ahmed — @zenobiaahmed

Melbourne, AUS
RMIT University

Oliver’s pick: Very good editorial work! The sensitivity she has with typography, composition and hierarchization assure me that she can bring good design to all disciplines. I’m looking forward to seeing her design applied to more disciplines other than editorial.

Design work by Jennifer Yoo - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Jennifer Yoo — @jenkyoo

New York, USA
Shillington College

Jessica’s pick: Unexpected, fun and experimental, I love how different each project was. The colour palette of the ‘Lovely SPAM’ project, the illustrations, copy writing and mystical quality to ‘Fete de la Foret’, a luxury pet brand, to the playful experimental typography for ‘KANPAI!’, a drink delivery service. Jennifer’s folio is well executed, and she shows off each brand nicely without over doing it. Well done.

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Design work by Leticia Ortín - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Leticia Ortín — @ara_estudio

Barcelona, Spain
ELISAVA | Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Jessica’s pick: I noticed Leticia’s work straight away, she’s incredibly talented within the editorial space and shows an amazing range of styles within each publication. I loved the packaging project too for Mandra Flowershop, great colour palette, quiet but confidant. ‘Malta, Details’ the publication was my favourite – rooted in the past, but contemporary at the same time. Congrats Leticia!

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Design work by Susannah O’hUadhaigh - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Susannah O’hUadhaigh — @sueowhoo

Dublin, Ireland
Institute of Art, Design + Technology (IADT)

Jessica’s pick: I loved the ‘SUE O’WHO?!’ self branding, fun and easier to remember. Each project was very conceptual, but with a high level of execution. #NOMEANS was my favourite project, an activist group tacking the issue of consent from a female perspective, which looks and feels like club posters. It also uses real experiences from clubs to create relatable content for the audience. Special mention for the last project, a bible with a contemporary twist exploring the word ‘fuck’ from the 1400s to present day. Well done Sue!

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Design work by Justyna Procak - TDK Awards '18 Award Winner

Justyna Procak — @justprocak

London, UK
Shillington College

Jupio’s pick: First, she talks about Mad Men, twice, in the first page. Second, she has a talent to say things in a way that you feel connected. I really like how she mixed her design skills with some funny and clever messages. Very playful and conceptual at the same time. Third, the fact that she wants to focus her role as a designer in a social movement is really great.

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