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TDK Awards '14

November 2014 – January 2015
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Wow, this is HARD! Each year we meet hundreds of current students and fresh graduates, and we like to celebrate those who really put their hand up and get involved. Continuing with our 14 post from last year, here's our picks for who to watch in 2015. Enjoy!

Design work by Holly Le - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Holly Le — @holly.le

Monash University

We can’t say enough nice things about Holly. Talented, humble, gets involved – we love her! She worked with Studio Constantine on Fourplay, and runs our weekly design meet ups, #tdktuesdays in Melbourne. She won two AGDA Students awards this year, and just finished up at Monash in November.

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Design work by Dylan McDonough - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Dylan McDonough — @dylan_mcdonough

Monash University

Dylan is a do-er – and we like them! He took part in our Melbourne Threesome show in 2013 with Motherbird, has a killer portfolio and just designed the Desktop graduate focused publication, Semi Precious. From him: “Highlights of 2014 – working full time at ERD while freelancing (probably too much, I like coffee, sleep is overrated), excepted into Supergraph 2015 – stall with mates, Kristy Brown (The Nook) and The Snake Hole, becoming the new Art Director / Designer of HESSIAN Magazine (Issue #2 coming soon), designing the refreshed edition of Desktop Magazine February 2015. While studying (tips I received from Professor John Warwicker at Monash) – books not blogs, do more, but better, look beyond graphic design for inspiration.”

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Design work by Jess Bong - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Jess Bong — @jebona

Monash University

Like Holly and Dylan, Jess just graduated from Monash (who are really delivering this year!). Jess is part of the team behind Esperanto magazine, as Art Director and all round legend. Keep an eye on this one folks!

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Design work by Anna Hatzisavas - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Anna Hatzisavas — @anna_hatz

Monash University

Anna finished up end of last year and she took part in our 2013 exhibition with Motherbird. She’s a super lovely chick and her work is outstanding – we predict big things this year! Can you tell she did a stint in Europe?! From Anna: “To kick off 2015 myself and The Short List are having another exhibition at No Vacancy called ‘Getaway’ opening is Jan 8! Then it’s back to working full time, freelancing in every spare minute, and just taking on the best, most interesting freelance jobs that will hopefully be the most challenging and rewarding for me!”

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Design work by Kate Cross - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Kate Cross — @

University of Newcastle

Kate is representing Newcastle in this post! We met her at the Newcastle grad show, where she won best folio, and her work is refreshing and experimental. Nice one Kate!

Design work by Lachlan Philp - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Lachlan Philp — @lachlanphilp


We are loving the work of Lachlan Philip this year! Jump on Insta and check his black and white type beauties, and check out last year’s Project 365. Keep pushing dude, we love your stuff!

Design work by Matthew Wong - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Matthew Wong — @iamthewong

Curtin University

Matthew is a talented dude from Perth, WA. He was super sweet and helped out with Fourplay set up as well as taking part in it with Studio Bomba and crew. Matthew’s focus and love of type is refreshing, friendly and polished, and we look forward to seeing what he does in 2015. From Matthew: “My highlights for the year would include getting commissioned to do type-y chalkboards for peeps all over town, getting employed by some super fun studios (the talented Tiffany Keal and Monk Media), and getting to exhibit in No Vacancy’s Double Bump show alongside one of my idols: Gemma O’Brien. My dream job? I had planned on becoming the secret lovechild of Jessica Hische and Dana Tanamachi, but now Jessica is pregnant for reals so… I guess my dream job would be eating pizza? Forever?”

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Design work by Melissa Baillache - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Melissa Baillache — @mellemelyo


Mel is a Tractor grad, currently working at Reactive in Sydney. She took part this year in Fourplay with the boys from Nowhere Famous – their emoiji’s causing pain and pleasure around Australia! Down to earth, humble and talented, 2015 will be a good one for Mel!

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Design work by Jasmine Dowling - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Jasmine Dowling — @jasminedowling


We can’t believe Jasmine’s only graduating this year, its insane! About to top 100k instagram followers (!!), crazy awesome collabs and only 22, we cant wait to see what big things she has planned for 2015. Hats off to you, talented lady!

Design work by Nathan Nankervis - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Nathan Nankervis — @nathannankervis

Swinburne University

We weren’t sure which category to put Nathan – a great all rounder, mega talented, has already interned with Pennant and collaborated with others. His graphic design work is experimental and playful, his illustrations and type and pattern work all feeding into one exciting and unique portfolio. This guy is hot shit!

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Design work by Lloyd Mst - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Lloyd Mst — @lloydmst


Lloyd took part in this years Fourplay show and fought off all the Melbourne competition to work along side the Hungry Workshop, on their final piece ‘John’. His design work is super, but his illustrations are where its at. Looking forward to seeing his name popping up everywhere in 2015!

Design work by Lachlan Olive - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Lachlan Olive — @lachlanolive89

Sunshine Coast

Lachie is the part time designer and illustrator for Sticks and Stones Agency, and has his fingers in many other pies including designing a range of apparel for Ninth Life Fashion, and solo show at The Snake Hole in Melbourne. We like! From Lachy: “Highlights of my year were doing my first Artshow earlier this year with my friends Sebastien Fougere and Wade Goodall, because those guys really inspire me to paint rather than design on a computer. Then doing my own solo print show at the snake hole because they were so supportive and are so genuine dude that are keen to help a brother out!! Bring on 2015… I’m gunna make this year my bitch!

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Design work by Rachel Peck - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner


Billy Blue College of Design

We have a instagram love affair with Rachel Peck – and she bombards our #tdkpeepshow hashtag with her insanely cute illustrations. Keep them coming in 2015 Rachel! Big thumbs up.

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Design work by Esther Olsson - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Esther Olsson — @estherolsson


No words for Esther – we love her! She works with Beci Orpin, serves All Day Donuts for Raph, freelances with Kirra Jamison and interns at Supergraph. Her illustrations, drawings and paintings are all varied but constantly weird and we cant wait to see her blow up in 2015!

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Design work by Ellen Porteus - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Ellen Porteus — @ellenporteus


Ellen is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and pattern maker from Melbourne. She has some insane clients – The New York Times (US), Bloomberg Businessweek (US), Sydney Opera House and Sydney Comedy Festival. Last year she was awarded runner up in the 2014 Yen STAEDTLER Young Female Art Awards. We’re a big fan of her patterns! From her: “As my first year out of uni, I really had no idea what 2014 would bring. It turned out to be an enormous and exciting year for me! My biggest highlight would have to be traveling in the US for 4 months. I got to experience an amazing country and eat too much cheesy food, but it was also where I decided that I was going to focus on building a career in what I love doing most — illustration. So I moved to Melbourne and have been working my butt off since! I’m looking forward to a busy 2015.”

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Design work by Taylor Martin - TDK Awards '14 Award Winner

Taylor Martin — @taytaytaytaytay


Taytaytaytaytay (her instagram), is hilarious. The Insult Generator was definitely our personal highlight of 2014! She took place in Fourplay with the lovely Yianni Hill from We’re Open in Adelaide and has just graduated. She’s got her sights set on Berlin next year, but who knows…!

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