Matthew Wong

Matthew is a talented dude from Perth, WA. He was super sweet and helped out with Fourplay set up as well as taking part in it with Studio Bomba and crew. Matthew's focus and love of type is refreshing, friendly and polished, and we look forward to seeing what he does in 2015. From Matthew: "My highlights for the year would include getting commissioned to do type-y chalkboards for peeps all over town, getting employed by some super fun studios (the talented Tiffany Keal and Monk Media), and getting to exhibit in No Vacancy’s Double Bump show alongside one of my idols: Gemma O’Brien. My dream job? I had planned on becoming the secret lovechild of Jessica Hische and Dana Tanamachi, but now Jessica is pregnant for reals so… I guess my dream job would be eating pizza? Forever?"

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