Magdalena Ksiezak

Magda and Samantha Curcio (Terrible Twos 2012) run the popular design blog []( Their crazy illustrations rotate between the two Melbourne graduates and bring us daily happiness! Madga's application for an [internship at The Hungary Workshop]( really got us - we hope she got it! That extra mile really pays off and I know she's an inspiration to many. Paper craft, 3D, food and a whole lot of burgers. We like it alot. From her: I'm looking forward to what 2014 has to offer. No doubt it will be a busy year as I try to build on my folio of paper craft and design projects. 2013 felt like a roller coaster with many high points, such as announcing my first set of greeting cards, and also many 'hang in there' moments. It's easy to forget that good things take time.

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