TDK Awards ’17


WELCOME BACK! Since 2014 we’ve been featuring the best talent within Graphic Design/Illustration/Digital Design/Typography for the new year. We are super excited to announce our new judges this year after expanding into Europe. The awards are a chance for you to show off what you’re made of – and we’ll promote the sh*t out of you for doing it! Want global fame? Just send us your folio and we’ll do the rest! Big thanks to Ted Baker London (launching their brand new internship program for 2018) for jumping on as our sponsor this year to make it happen!

We have a judging panel of ten industry heavyweights, based across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe. If you win: a full TDK interview with you, social media shouts outs promoting you, winners blog post sent to every single studio we’ve ever met (thats a lot), plus its FREE to enter (of course!). Its very easy, just submit your folio that you send for job applications to win – we’re looking for graphic design, typography, illustration and digital/product design. The judges will be choosing 3 folios each they would be interested in interviewing *if* they were hiring. Good luck!

Artwork by San Francisco illustrator Allison Filice



Brand Brothers (Paris)
Hey Studio (Barcelona)
Its Nice That (London)
National Forest (LA)
Pleasure Projects (Melbourne)
Sons and Co. (Christchurch)
Tad Carpenter (Kansas City)
Tres Tipos Gráficos (Madrid)
Ustwo (London/Sydney)
Warriors Studio (Glasgow)

What you win!
Winners blog post sent to all studios (hello job offers)
Judged by a panel of 10 top industry peps
Full TDK interview
Industry recognition (great on that resume)
Social media shouts outs promoting you to 120,000
1 x free ‘TDK’s How to score your dream job’ course valued at $99

Must have studied at any point during 2016 or 2017 to enter. If you are self taught, thats okay – but you need to be less than 2 years in the industry. This year there is no location restrictions – global baby!

About our sponsor:
We’re super excited to be working with British luxury clothing company Ted Baker to launch their very first Creative Internship Program. For the first time ever, they are opening their London HQ doors in 2018 to a 3 month rolling paid internship program, with roles in illustration, graphic design, digital design, photography, fashion design, packaging design and interior design. The creative team at Ted Baker will be choosing a winner to kick off the program in 2018.

Please submit ONE landscape pdf, including your resume/CV (2 pages max) and work pages (5 pages max) together as one file. It must be named firstname_lastname.pdf so we can match it with your details. Deadline: Sunday 31st December, 5pm AEST. Click ‘APPLY HERE’ to fill out your details, then email your PDF portfolio over(max size 10MB). We need both to consider your work.




awards [@]


We’re happy to answer any questions, send them to hello [@] – we’ll copy and paste your questions on here after so check FAQ’s below before emailing us! #inboxzero #lifegoals



Q: I submitted my folio but just realised a mistake. What should I do?
A: This happens a lot. Just attach your new folio and any double ups we will assume the newest file is the correct one.

Q: I saw that the application for the award is a PDF portfolio – are we able to submit our website as our portfolio? Thanks, Adam
A: Hey Adam! Unfortunately we do need a PDF so the judges can just flick though all the submissions in the same place. The good news is all your work is ready to go – just pop a few images and copy on each page and shoot it over : ) 

Q: How many winners? Thanks! Andrea
A: Each judge will be picking their top 3

Q: The 5 pages pdf, does it need to be under the same theme? Or each pages can contain totally different work? Regards, Linda
A: Its exactly like applying for a job – just send us your best work! We just cap it to 5 pages because the judges have to look through them all. So either option is fine.

Q: Part of my portfolio is in video format, can I embed a link to vimeo into my PDF? Or would you prefer stills of the video? Regards, Jordie
A: A short one, if you feel it adds to your work. Don’t forget the judges have to look through a bunch, so short and sweet!

Q: I know our resume is supposed to be included in the landscape PDF—should the resume itself also be in landscape orientation? Best, Katherine
A: Please design it to be landscape too so the judges can read it easily with the rest of your work!

Q: Within the 5 work pages, does that mean only 5 separate projects or 5 pages of projects? Thanks! Andrea
A: 5 pages of projects – we just wanted to cap it because the judges will be looking through so many.

Q: Does the submitted work have to be student work only? Can personal projects be submitted? Thanks! Andrea
A: Oooooh we love personal projects! Treat this as applying for a job – show us your best work – student briefs, client work, personal projects… 

Q: Will portfolios be discounted if they are not in the landscape format? Mine takes an unconventional shape and I am not sure whether it will be disregarded due to this! Thank you. Bella
A: Mmmmm sounds interesting! The reason we make it landscape is for the judges benefit (viewing lots at once) but if they can view it easily on screen, submit away. Thanks!

Q: I can’t seem to find any requirements regarding the dimensions of the portfolio? Does each page have to be a certain width or length? (11×8.5 or A1 Landscape?) Thanks! Jason
A: Hi Jason! We make it landscape orientation so the judges can flick though them easily on a screen. As long as it fits without having to scroll big time to see your work, then we aren’t fussy on dimensions. Its the work that counts!

Q: Should the submitted pdf be A3 or A4 size, optimally? Cheers, Bo
A: Hi Bo! We make it landscape orientation so the judges can flick though them easily on a screen. As long as it fits without having to scroll big time to see your work, then we aren’t fussy on dimensions. Its the work that counts!

Q: I’m just wondering if you will be viewing them through Adobe Acrobat? Because I am intending to have some interactive elements within the page and it seems like Acrobat is the only one that supports it fully. Thanks, Luke
A: Yes, Adobe Acrobat ; ) Thanks Luke!

Q: Is it also alright if my folio includes both graphic design and digital product design work? Thanks so much! Best, Katherine
A: Yes please, we want to see digital work!

Q: Should we put a cover page on the portfolio work to a bio and if so is this included in our 5 pages?Thanks, Ashlee
A: Honestly, it doesn’t really matter! We received 60+ page folios last year and our poor judges have to look through 600+ of them, so we just capped your work to 5 pages. Chuck your resume on there so we can see what you’ve been up to and you’re good to go. Cover page isn’t necessary. What really matters is the quality of your work.

Q: Just wanted to know if we should be adding a brief description on the projects included in the PDF folio? Wanted to clarify since I understand the judges will have a lot of content to go through!  Thanks, Pamela.
A: Its like applying for a job, we just cap it at five work pages. So yes, if you were sending it to a studio you would want some information so they know what they are looking at.

Q: Are you expecting a short rationale on each piece of work submitted or purely imagery? Cheers, Poppy 
A: Hey Poppy, same as applying for a job via email. Tell the story of your work : ) See above