Original Interview: July 2017

TDC 17 Wrap Up

Each year we’re lucky enough to partner up with our favourite conferences around the world, and again this year our kind friends in Brisbane at The Design Conference gave us a 2-day pass to give away via Instagram. Our winner this year was Joshua Peters! Joshua shares his experience with us over the 2 days.

Well, what can I say. This years Design Conference was an absolutely mind blowing experience, from the get go it was something that I had neither expected or thought could have existed in Brisbane. A real credit to Matt and the whole crew for their efforts over the last 7 years in building this monster.

“There’s magic in the mundane”.
– Lauren Hom, TDC 17

I have just started my own business and work specifically in the agribusiness sector, but see great value in keeping up to date with the latest marketing, design and business ideology. On Thursday upon first walking into the converence, I was shocked to meet a social media marketing specialist who also worked for an agribusiness in Brisbane. This turned out to be a surprisingly positive trend over the two days where I met people from all walks of life and all industries.

A speaker that really blew my mind was Lauren Hom. She is obviously very likeable but also an extremely intelligent person who saw that solving problems or creating solutions for people’s problems; shitty chalk board marketing for their restaurants, was in fact a way for to ‘fund’ her creative outlet.

Persistence and resilience were key themes for me throughout each talk and workshop. What separates the average designer, artist, topographer from the people that end up telling their story in front of 1000 people in The Powerhouse is persistence and resilience. It was great to hear the journey that each speaker had taken to get to where they are now, the highs and lows and the challenges faced and defeated.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously”.
– Camille Walala, TDC 17

This kind of brings me to my next stand out speaker. Wayne Thompson. I don’t care that much about font, nor did I find the tech side of his talk interesting at all. But I got so much out of his talk. The under lying life lessons that he endured throughout the process of designing the latest ABC font. From saying yes to something that he was not completely sure he had the skills to do, to working rigorously with the ABC team over a period of years and laying his ego on the line to ensure that all people involved were happy.

Whether running a business, a family, a workplace or trying to get your project off the ground you are always going to have to compromise, negotiate and communicate in order to succeed. Nothing worth having comes easy and Wayne was a perfect example of this.

“We have a massive role in humanising technology”.
– Mike Rigby, TDC 17

Maybe it was because of my frame of mind. But maybe not. I really got a lot of value out of Joel & Matt’s (ustwo) talk. They discussed tech and business strategy frameworks and the importance of these two key aspects of a business working in unison. Very different humans, very different communication styles. Very different dress sense. But they have learnt, listened and collaborated to make ‘it’ work.

I can’t wait for next year, and am already excited to see what next year’s event looks like. Thanks for the opportunity to attend #tdbcne17!

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Images: Callie Marshall