Original Interview: July 2014

Kish + Co.

We chat with the lovely Kish from Kish + Co. based in Melbourne! Despite just having a baby, in true Kish style she makes time to chat with us, tell us her thoughts on where design is heading in the future and who she follows for inspiration. Thanks Kish!

Tell us about how you got started in the industry?
A lot my starts in the design industry have happened by chance. I started design in my last year at high school and because I had no arts experience, I didn’t get into university based on the mid-year assessment. However, by the end of the year, it was my favourite subject and I scored a distinction. I didn’t think much of it, but my older sister called up the university and told them to reconsider me. They did and thats how I got started! Since then it’s been something that has just gotten deeper and deeper. Without sounding corny. How can you complain when you get to stalk awesome on instagram and the web everyday?!

Tell us about where you are today and what you love about your job!
Today I’m a Creative Director and Marketing Consultant for our clients. It keeps our studio in Hawthorn humming away. My favourite bits of my job are; winning a new job or a new client, illustrator collaborations, getting to meet awesome people, working with my team, it’s really refreshing watching a designer change and grow.

Kish + Co. Kish + Co.

Where do you go online to be inspired?
Pinterest & Instagram – with a very selective feed! Otherwise it’s just cats and food everywhere.
www.swiss-miss.com – always turn to her when I need some solace
www.ted.com/ – awesome
And I always find that stepping outside is just as gold as scouring the net – I’m hoping to pop in here at some point:

I also follow on instagram;
Dawn Tan @handmadelove
Spencer Harrison @rhythmandrepeat
Frankie Ratford @thedesignkids (OF COURSE :))
Stella Jean @stellajeanltd
Kenzo @kenzo
Chloe McCarthy @_roomonfire
Hecker and Guthrie @heckerguthrie

among a whole heap of others who keep me inspired and making me want to work more!

Kish + Co.Kish + Co.

 What do you look for in a great portfolio?
I’ve learnt this the hard way. I thought best portfolio (just on a visual basis – makes your jaw drop type of folio) was the best designer. Now I’ve realised it isn’t so. A portfolio which shows thinking, ability to talk through process and outcomes and understand the brief – thats the better portfolio. A portfolio might not be 100% cool / awesome / legendary. But when you meet that person and they are ready with 100% positive freaking attitude. Then I value that so much more. Because design isn’t about working in hibernation.

Where do you think design is heading in the next five years and how will you adapt?
It’s changing. Rapidly. With online resources and easier access to freelancers and cheap prices, clients are less inclined to work with a studio. If they think that all they are getting is a small visual solution. While the value of design is rapidly increasing, so is the accessibility to good & great design. I think the future – especially for smaller studios, is in understanding that a designer cannot be a designer alone. They have to hold incredible relationships with their client and they need to think for their client. Help them with solutions that are beyond the scope of traditional graphic design. Only in that moment, are they of value to a business or a client. Because if they don’t have that – then they might as well be a face behind a mac somewhere across the web, making a design solution that solves the bare minimum needs of a business.


Kish + Co. Kish + Co.