Original Interview: February 2014


We chatted to Holly McCauley about the loveliest, coolest magazine to come out of Australia. Holly tells us what goes on at Frankie HQ, her plans for the future and her tips for students and new graduates alike!

What inspired you to pursue a creative career?
I grew up in Sydney with very creative parents. I think they would have been highly disappointed if I didn’t land myself in a creative field! I was always into art at school and never envisioned doing anything that didn’t involve creativity. In my last year of high school I was pretty convinced that I didn’t want to go to Uni so did a TAFE course in design to supplement some of my other subjects. I decided last minute to apply for a few uni courses just in case and ended up studying Visual Communication at UTS straight out of school. From early on I was pretty into print design and publication but never thought it would actually lead to a career in the field.


How long have you worked at Frankie now and what are the best bits working at such a rad magazine?
I’ve been here for four years now and the best parts stem from an amazing approach to commercial creativity, the girls have developed a brand that allows for creative freedom whilst still maintaining a successful business. Frankie does things its own way and it’s great to be a part of.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Tough question! Hopefully living somewhere beautiful with chickens and children and doing something that I love everyday? I would also love to be doing something for myself by then.


What have been some of the highlights since you started?
Just being about to work with such a great and inspiring team. I’ve learnt so much and have been given so much freedom creatively, so to be able to contribute like that has been great.

Can you describe a typical Holly McCauley day in the office?
Get in and sift through a tonne of emails! At the moment I am in the design stage of one magazine and the editorial collation of another so it’s a juggle of lots of typesetting, photo editing and copy reading along with emails to contributors, briefing illustrators, posting out bits and pieces, brainstorming shoots and bouncing ideas off the rest of the team.


What advice would you give students starting out in the creative industry?
Back yourself and learn to be eager and willing without being a pest (we’ve all done it!). Also, never complain about working for free – you will ALL have to do it and it’s the best thing ever. Oh, and find yourself someone great to learn from, when you leave art school / Uni / TAFE you may think you know it all, but you won’t ( :

Whats on for 2014?
Lots of fun new projects ! And a trip to India and Nepal !