Original Interview: May 2014

Evie Cahir

Evie Cahir was recently the guest illustrator for Yen Magazine (Issue 68) and contributor to Kus! Latvian Comic Anthology. Evie has zines on the go and an online store to fund her wildest dreams. She is currently exhibiting with Merrin Spink, Libby De Souza, Amelia Leuzzi & Adam Flannery and 11 others at Rooftop Art Space (Melbourne) for the next month… otherwise you can find her in a Melbourne backyard with a bunch of pencils and a cigarette capturing the subtleties that pass on by.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into illustration? Any formal studies?
Female, GSOH, Smoker, 21, Illustrator based in Melbourne. I informally studied at NMIT [Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE] , where I completed an Associate Degree in Illustration.

How has your work evolved from when you first started out?
The evolution of my work is apparent in the broadening of inspiration, as I prefer to look to fields other than design and drawing most of the time. The streets, film, good books, strange mix tapes, strangers, photographers, conversations, publishing and interiors are best. I’m working on a theory that the wider the scope the more informed my work becomes.

Evie CahirEvie Cahir

How would you describe your illustrative style? What do you like to illustrate/ what situations inspire you to illustrate
Swift, I can’t remember that last time I spent more than 2 hours on a drawing. A solid line-up of promising projects and imminent dead lines is most inspirational.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment its editorial illustrations mostly for Australian publications, a 10 page comic about ‘Poetry’ for a comic anthology, design two logos, create a body of work for a large group show later on this year, printing and binding an ‘Inspiration Encyclopedia’ at some point, creating small batches of risograph prints, hand made posters and limited edition zines to fund it all.

Do you have any personal projects?
Every project is personal to an extent, even those editorial illustrations of iphones and chairs I had to do…
The most personal project to date is an illustrated guide to Melbourne, complete with incomplete reviews of stores, people, pubs and parks in suburbs explored on foot or via public transport. I’ve also been documenting the growth of succulents and ferns around the house for forthcoming printing & publication project.  Apart from that I’ve always got a few zines on the go.

Evie Cahir Evie Cahir

Do you collaborate with other creatives, if so tell us about them and what you got out of them?
Art swaps, collaborations and trades are always happening. Step aside BitCoin, ‘art’ is the future of standard currency.

Where do you sell your work? What advice do you have for other illustrators wanting to sell their work?
I sell my work is sold online via eviecahir.bigcartel.com I advise researching every buyer and writing a personalised love-letter to each. Obviously be professional when corresponding with buyers, so make them good love letters. But in all seriousness always ensure that the postage does not cost more than sold work, flat-pack that shit, take clean and clear photographs of work and have a varied selection of styles, sizes and products on rotation. Oh and remember–if the postman can fold it ya shouldn’t be posting it!

Whats on the horizon?
Creating bigger and better work, scouting more design-based collaborators, worming my way into an Illustration agency possibly, an artist residency and solo exhibitions.


Evie Cahir