Original Interview: February 2015

Esther Olsson

We chat with Tractor graduate Esther Olsson about internships, not taking advice from G&T drinking artists, all things illustration and whats on the cards next. Esther has a crazy resume already after only gradutaing 18 months ago and currently works for Beci Orpin, Kirra Jamison, and Supergraph! Go Esther!

When did you fall in love with design and how did you get started?
Initially I fell in love with art. I was surrounded by creativity growing up, thanks to my Mum who loved art, especially the value of art in education. But my passion for design really happened by accident. My fabulous mum and her artist best friend were there when I decided my dream was to become an artist. They were drinking G&T and smoking ciggies and the artist grabbed me and shook me, while yelling at me to never be an artist! It was very dramatic, but I followed her advice and enrolled into Graphic Design at Tractor, and the rest was history.


Where did you study and what were some of your first jobs?
Tractor School of Design was an amazing place to study. The teachers were really passionate and inspiring. I fell madly in love with the drawing room and enjoyed every moment of my very stressful and very rewarding studies. My first job after studying was an internship with Beci Orpin, an amazing illustrator and extremely hard worker. She has been such a fantastic mentor and I really respect her approach to design, and life, and I have enjoyed every moment working for her.


What’s your take on internships and work experience?
I’m 100% pro internships and work experience! Every opportunity you can have to work for someone you look up to is a win in my books. I have worked for may different people and leave everyday with a smile because I have learnt a new skill, met new people all while doing something I enjoy. My internships so far have been with Beci Orpin, Kirra Jamison, Supergraph and Third Drawer Down, I’ve also done work experience with Pop and Scott, Elke and Romance Was Born – each one offering something new!


What’s on the cards professionally and personally in the next 12 months?
I just finished up Supergraph, an amazing graphic art fair that was held in the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne this February. And now I’m off to Japan with an awesome illustrator Ashley Ronning to take in everything creative Japan has to offer and hopefully meet up with so local artists. Then back to the everyday hustle.

What advice would you give students starting out?
Do everything and never stop creating.

Website: estherolsson.com
Instagram: @estherolsson/
Twitter: @esther_olsson