Original Interview: May 2014


It’s been almost a year now since we heard the Melbourne design studio speak at Sex, Drugs and Helvetica about their Starward whiskey branding. Learn more about this project and day-to-day life around the BTP office.

Describe a typical day in the BTP studio…
Arrive around 9am talk about what we cooked last night and plan to cook tonight…make coffee, tea and second breakfast in the studio (we eat a lot throughout the day)… emails, 1-2 client/supplier meetings on average, couriers delivering samples, throw the ball with ours dogs in the park across the road at lunch, work work work, emails, knock off around 5.30/6.

How did Starward come about?
I was on a shoot with a photographer friend, Sarah Anderson when she mentioned that her partner was working on a new Whisky. Being a dream project for me and my love of whisky I enquired and got the email address of her partner Sam and David (the founder). I promptly emailed them both (looking back through my emails it was in November 2010). David replied, but was OS. I continually hounded him until we finally met for the first time mid-2011.

Beyond The Pixels

Beyond The PixelsWhat are BTP working on now?

– We’ve just launched an e-commerce site and refreshed brand identity for Mount Mary vineyard in the Yarra Valley
– A Jaffle shop, the first of which has opened in Westfield Geelong
– Corporate Identity for a small asset management firm in the US
– Labels for some experimental products the New World Whisky Distillery are working on (to be released on and off premise)
– Identity for a coffee and donut shop (Short Stop) opening in a couple of months
– Refreshed brand for a Melbourne based chocolate company (packaging, website, identity… the whole brand experience)
– Our new website

What are your personal and professional goals for 2014?
Meet more interesting and innovative people and businesses; work with them to help them grow, make money or succeed in whatever it is that they do.

Beyond The Pixels

Beyond The PixelsWhat do you look for in an awesome graduate?

Folio: a resolved core idea that solves the brief, strong typography and simplicity. Ability to build on the idea and extend the identity system through into a range of real applications.

Personality: sensitive, intelligent, ambitious and fun…

Best advice you’ve been given?
Keep the brief as short and simple as possible. Show more people your work, learn how to take and respond to criticism. After all only you decide on what to listen to and what not to – not surprisingly people are insightful and are the ones who will experience your designs. The better you get at this the more resolved your ideas will become and ultimately you’ll get better at presenting and justifying your work. Be a good person.


Beyond The Pixels

Beyond The Pixels