Original Interview: October 2017


B&R fill us in on where they think design is heading and all the awesome things that go with this ever-growing change into digital (it’s exciting). Dimitri and Noah also had a bit of a chat with us about what’s happening in Bern and the opportunities they have for interns. 

Where did you study and what were some of your first jobs?
We both studied at the School of Art HKB in Bern, Switzerland, where we graduated with a bachelor degree in visual communication in 2009. Already during our Bachelor education we did some small jobs for friends, like record-covers, posters and flyers. Next to that, we both had some experiences as interns at different places («Hort» Berlin (DE), «Niessen de Vries» Amsterdam (NL), «The President» Cape Town (SA), Peace Skateboards Budweis (CZ).

Whats your take on internships? (do you take interns now?)
In our own practice we partially take on interns and we had an intern start this September.

Since we’re a small studio, we give our interns a lot of responsibility from the beginning. They get the chance to work on real projects and to bring their ideas and efforts in to our office. They can become part of the whole creative process. We try to make the time of our interns as learn-full for them as possible.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the studio that you work for.
We are Noah Bonsma and Dimitri Reist. Together we run the graphic design studio B&R based in Bern (Switzerland). We work on projects in the fields of branding / identity and editorial design.

At the moment we work on some books and identities for cultural clients/institutions. Next to that, digital projects are getting more and more.

Where do you think design is heading in the next five years and how will you adapt?

We think it will be crucial to create work that is adaptable for both analog and digital applications. People also will get used to motion picture like animated billboards, so we will do work that’s more moving and fluid. The technical skills of computers and the design-programs will get better, easier and faster in the future. But after all coming up with a good idea will stay the most important thing for us as designer, like nowadays.

What role does digital design play in your studio in 2017, and how to you apply traditional graphic design skills in a digital age?
We think it’s no secret that the importance of digital design is growing very fast.

In the future this amount will grow significantly.

But the role of the designer does not have to change completely. Actually we believe it’s the opposite – the established design principles just need to be adapted and sometimes newly interpreted. A very exciting job!

At the moment we’re working on grids, units and proportions which can be used for print and digital simultaneously.   

What is the design landscape like on your city and where do you fit in?
Bern is a small city, but specially the cultural environment is very alive. There are a lot of Museums and cultural institutions.

The design scene is pretty small, but motivated and well educated. Our office is placed in a big Atelier-complex with other designers, artists musicians and institutions, situated in the middle of the City. So, if you’re nearby, come over to say hello! :–)

Website: www.bundr.ch