Original Interview: August 2015

14 grads for 2014

Its been a HUGE year here at TDK – our biggest and best one yet, and we’re really stoked with everyone involved. We met a tonne of people on our epic 2013 roadtrip around Australia – covering Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide and Perth. We’re really excited to see Terrible Twos student participants and Threesome students and grads really making a dent in our industry. As a wrap up post for this year, we want to feature our favs for 2014, in design, type and illustration. Happy Christmas!


Bradley Pinkerton

Bradley Pinkerton

We first met Bradley after our talk at Central Institute in Perth, he followed it up with a cracking folio application for Threesome Perth and then sold us on one of his prints for sale – Hard Work Club. He’s just graduated this November and wants to stick around Perth for a while before a possible stint overseas.

His personal highlights of the year – graduating! Bradley’s tips for current students – “I’d say put 110% into everything you do. No matter how small the project is. Do something you want to remember and allow for criticism. Oh and TIME MANAGE. This year has really taught me to time manage my skills better. Time is fast. And it will bite you in the ass, without buying you a drink first.”

Next year, he’s looking for creative new jobs/collaborations, plus working to brand a new disco/house night for Perth.

Website: bradleypinkerton.info
Instagram: instagram.com/bradleypinkerton
TDK Full Interview: thedesignkids.com.au/bradleypinkerton

Merren Spink

Merren Spink

Merren has taken part in both our annual shows to date, with Andrew Ashton (Pip and Co.) in 2012 and with Andy Sargent (SouthSouthWest) in 2013. Her folio deserves a look online, from simple editorial to understated packaging, its really something else. She also fought off many many other applicants to join the Motherbird team this year, nice one Merren!

A few words from her:

Highlights for 2013 –
* Finishing Uni
* Getting a Job
* Running our first self initiated exhibition

3 Tips for recent graduates –
* Get involved and say yes to everything
* Apply. Apply. Apply. Jobs, Internships, comps, exhibitions. You should be able to learn something from every experience.
* Get a mentor and ask a lot of questions

Things I am looking forward to in 2014 –
* Launching a quarterly zine
* Attempting to get into sculpture
* Having another exhibition (solo this time?)

Website: merrenspink.4ormat.com
Instagram: merrenspink

Gabby Lord

Gabby Lord

Ohmylord, its been a huge year for Gabby since graduating a year ago. She took part in THREESOME with Gemma O’Brien and Jonathon Key. She won the AGIDeas Newstar award, sending her off to Italy in September this year (where we had a chance to catch up with her and have a sneak look around Fabrica), as well as many other awards. She work, attitude, smile and work ethic is second to none and she deserves every success.

In her mini (get it?!) interview, here’s what she has to say:

2013 – what a year! I’ve had such a roller-coaster ride of events the last 12 months and I can honestly say it has been incredible. Highlights would definitely include winning one of the Newstar awards at AgIdeas. I wanted it so badly that I forced myself to believe I could win it and just made it happen. I’m sure that sounds ridiculous – stupid even – but I think that’s something often really scary; that is, admitting you want something and going for it.

The trip I won to Europe was a game changer, I experienced design culture so different to what I understood and I will always be grateful for what I learned in that time. I’m a self-proclaimed Erik Spiekermann groupie so being able to visit the EdenSpiekermann studio in Berlin was beyond amazing! None of that would have happened had a not sent a few measly photos to enter a competition. I really encourage all grads to put yourself out there, you can be humble and ambitious at the same time.

I’ve been so lucky to meet people who make me question how I ever functioned without them – they have changed the way I think and have made me not only a better designer but a better person (awwww!). I’m so excited for the new year – I love the smell of anticipated change and opportunity that lingers in the air around December.

2014… BRING IT!

Website: gabbylord.com
Instagram: gabbylord_
TDK Full Interview: thedesignkids.com.au/gabby-lord


Anthony Gagliardi

Apart from the fact I can never spell his name, Anthony is one of the stand out students/grads from our Adelaide show! Teaming up with Voice and Georgina Jones, they produced “Grids not guns” made of action figures. He’s been doing work along side his studies for AGDA and has been freelancing at Mash since August. This year has seen him pursue his long time interest in Type Design and he hopes to have his first commercial release available in 2014. Plus he’s pretty stoked to be included our  list!

Website: anthonygagliardidesign.tumblr.com
Instagram: adl_anth
TDK Full Interview: thedesignkids.com.au/anthony-gagliardi



Kasper Raglus

Kasper Raglus

We first met Kasper in Byron when he came to visit a friend in our studio at the time. We ended up stealing him for one of our big empty walls! He lives in Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road and has a studio with his dad, well know Australian Mambo illustrator Jeff Raglus. His pieces are insanely beautiful and his style is very unique. He’s had a few shows this year, including his first solo exhibition at Boom gallery, a mural at Mr T and Me cafe, plus design work for manufactured housing company “Kitco”. He’s locked in another show for 2014 – at Outré gallery in April next year. We caught up with him on the road trip in Airleys and got to check out his awesome ride – a Mazda 1500 and have a coffee at his local. Total legend.

Instagram: kasperraglus

Luke Day

Luke Day
Gold Coast

Frankie first met Luke when he gate crashed her birthday dinner by mistake a few years back. Since then Luke has been part of all things TDK – Terrible Twos with This is Neu, Threesome with Paul McNeil from Artpark, opening our warehouse party with live art and anything else that comes up. We love Luke because he’s a dark horse – this boy can draw. His beautiful type, concepts, style mixed with a solid graphic design background means he’s more than capable that taking on every project. We’re predicting big things for 2014!

Instagram: lukehday

Deane Featonby

Deane Featonby

Originally a Perth boy, Deane moved to Brisbane to complete his design studies and just graduated this month. He’s a great designer, but his passion lies in typography. You can find Deane at all Brisbane based design events, exhibitions or conferences, he’s the keenest person we know! We got to work with him in Threesome and have since taken him on as our Brisbane contributor. Legend!

Here’s what he had to say about 2013:
The biggest highlights for me were just getting out there and going to the various conferences and events. In particular, Analogue / Digital. The whole experience was rad and inclusive, from pre-party at Just Face It with live art from the speakers. The master classes with Bec Winnell and Kevin Finn, The two days of the conference. Askew was the highlight for me, so inspiring and relatable, alot of people that influenced me from New Zealand, he was a part of. To the after party catching up with the speakers in a totally humble environment, and seeing the final pieces from the artists (That Numskull, Beastman and Rone piece). Bring on AD2014.

Threesome! And I’m not just saying that because it was a TDK initiative! It was my first real exposure outside of the classroom. I felt a part of the community I’d love to be in and got to meet lots of cool people. In particular Frankie – her encouragement solidifed my love of type and I had someone to hang out with in Melbourne at Agideas after party! Not to mention the opportunites that lead from there: Being part of the TDK team, and volunteering at Semi Permanent where I got to draw letters with Seb Lester. Get involved! You never know where it will lead.

Finishing my portfolio would have to be up there. It seemed impossible, even though I knew it was coming,  even pondered on it for the past year, thinking I was prepared. I wasn’t. Every time I tried tackling it at different angles seemed to take ten steps more to get to where I wanted to be. I finished it though and I think it had to be that way, and every little thing I did throughout study and on the side just gelled into that moment. I couldn’t have done it without the various friends, family that put up with me through that process.

I’m looking forward to 2014 because I begin my graphic design internship with the Queensland Rugby Union. I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect role since I am passionate about rugby + design (I didn’t even think it existed)! It’s true what they say about the good jobs are word of mouth. The events that lead to the email, were a mix of conferences, and just getting to know and being involved in the industry. Talk to people, they’re just as passionate about design and even the most prolific designer had to started somewhere!

Thank you to Frankie and the team at TDK

Website: theloop.com.au/dpfeatonby
Instagram: dpfeatonby

Tristan Kerr

Tristan Kerr

Although we didn’t technically meet Tristan when we were in Adelaide as he was overseas, we stumbled across his beautiful type work and have plans for 2014 to collaborate. He lives between Paris and Adelaide and takes part in group shows everywhere and anywhere. His type creates a lovely sense of nostalgia, yet feels completely his own. His highlights this year – “Moving my Sign-Painting practice to Paris and working for a design studio (Anamorphee) there, painting an entire global advertising campaign by hand and travelling throughout Europe and meeting like minded artists and designers who share a passion for Art and Typography.” Jump on instagram and drool over that type!

Website: enjoytastytreats.blogspot.com
Instagram: tristan_kerr

Bianca Cash

Bianca Cash

Bianca was part of our THREESOME show with former Happy Studio (now Pennant) this year. After a bit of instagram stalking, we noticed she has 27K, holy moly!! Her type work – I’m sure you’ll agree – is plain beautiful and she’s up there with the boys in the Type section. Nice work Bianca! Her highlights from this year: finishing her course, getting a typographic piece screen printed and starting an online store. Tips for grads: embrace social networking and collaborations. Things she’s looking forward to in 2014: traveling, adding to her online store and meeting new creatives!

Website: biancacash.com
Instagram: biancacash



Alice Oehr

Alice Oehr

What to write about Alice? Her work is insanely odd/funny/wonderful/cute and we cant get enough. She’s been working with Beci Orpin (jealous!) and has a steady stream of clients including Readings, Lavazza and many many more. Her instagram is a constant feed of happy design treats and we were proud to have her take part in Melbourne Terrible Twos alongside Suzy Tuxen from AFOM in 2012.

From Alice: My advice for fresh grads is to stay very busy and make sure to balance out lots of hard work with a healthy dose of socialising- this is just as important as the work part! In 2014 I’m looking forward to drawing on as many things as I can!

Website: aliceoehr.com
Instagram: aliceoehr

Shay Colley

Shay Colley

Shay’s work with AGDA, Artpark and many others got us very excited when we hit Perth in July. His blog – Landlocked Salmon – shows a cross between line drawing illustrations and old school collages with a twist. His playing cards are a must see! From him: “2013 has been rad for me personally really because of the amount of people who have contacted me and said nice things about my work. If I could give students or graduates any advice I’d suggest they keep experimenting and developing their own work. It can be pretty disheartening trying to find a position straight out of uni. I found that happiness and stoke can be found working on self-initiated projects and balancing out the greyness and frustration of many junior design jobs. Stay weird and keep moving.”

Website: www.shaycolley.com
Instagram: Water Melon Snake

Julian May

Julian May

An illustrator and designer from Melbourne, who we crossed paths with last year during our Hands On! Workshops last year. After graduating a year ago from Graphic Design at RMIT Brunswick TAFE, he’s now focused full time on his illustration and collaborating with Desktop, The Club of Odd Volumes and finishing Top 30 for Positive Posters, with many more exciting plans for 2014. Check out his full TDK interview below.

His tips for graduates – be different, take chances. Put yourself out there and just be happy! Here’s to 2014…

Blog: julianlmay.wordpress.com

Shop: thehandystudio.bigcartel.com
Insta: @yournumbersup

Anya Brock

Anya Brock

We discovered Anya’s work on the Bird’s toilet door and fell instantly in love with her fluro geometric patterns. She’s originally form Perth but resides eastside now, in sunny Sydney. She spoke at Artlab’s first conference this year and we found a plate collab in Byron with an interior design company. Her highlights for this year – moving to Sydney and more recently painting fish! Next year we can see her doing more product and moving into new mediums. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Anya next year!

Website: anyabrock.com
Instagram: anyapaintface

Magdalena Ksiezak

Magdalena Ksiezak

Magda and Samantha Curcio (Terrible Twos 2012) run the popular design blog every-second.com. Their crazy illustrations rotate between the two Melbourne graduates and bring us daily happiness! Madga’s application for an internship at The Hungary Workshop really got us – we hope she got it! That extra mile really pays off and I know she’s an inspiration to many. Paper craft, 3D, food and a whole lot of burgers. We like it alot.

From her: I’m looking forward to what 2014 has to offer. No doubt it will be a busy year as I try to build on my folio of paper craft and design projects. 2013 felt like a roller coaster with many high points, such as announcing my first set of greeting cards, and also many ‘hang in there’ moments. It’s easy to forget that good things take time.

Website: www.hellomagda.com
Shop: Okay Kiosk


 Thats all folks! We’ll be back in January 2nd for more TDK fun! Be safe kids xox