TDK is the world's largest and best network for young graphic designers. We’ve been bridging the gap between students and professionals in the Graphic Design industry for over six years and a lot of people say we're kinda good at it.

We’re so excited about our updated 2017 course “Score Your Dream Design Job”, which follows the basic principles of TDK – GET INSPIRED, GET INVOLVED, and GET HIRED. It's like we're in the room with you, taking you through each step...

The course has 12 steps;

4x GET INSPIRED – assessing your options for design roles, your own skill set, resume content and what you need to achieve to get there, researching and aligning yourself.

4x GET INVOLVED – what you can be doing now to boost your folio, documenting connections, making new ones, building your online presence

4x GET HIRED – job hunting, tips, interview help, how to approach designers and studios, resume design, styling, photography and what to do next.

The course is written by our founder Frankie Ratford, who has been working in the design industry for over 10 years, with many inputs from the industry. Aside from TDK, she has also been lecturing for four years, specialising in typography, publication and portfolios, and ran an annual exhibition connecting nearly a thousand students with industry to secure their dream jobs.

During the folio submissions, Frankie noticed the same issues popping up over and over, so in 2013 she launched Folio Coaching, a one-on-one portfolio coaching service to help graduates achieve industry standard portfolios, which has morphed into this 12 step course. It provides access to a much wider audience, the tools and knowledge to find your niche within the design industry and to succeed!

Buy yourself a job* for 40 bucks with change – hoorah!

'Step 1: What type of designer do you want to be?' is free. Check it out!

Graduate course $39 – Buy Now

Student course $39 – Buy Now

* Please note a job is not guaranteed, we have done everything in our little hearts to get you there and we swear by our course! This will SIGNIFICANTLY improve your chances!

** Hot tip: put it on Mum's credit card

 Top image: Will Bryant by Michael J. Spear