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Heya Perth! How awesome has April been! First up what an awesome #TDKtuesdays we had on the 4th of April! Thanks for everyone that came down, I hope you all got a lot out of the night. A big thanks to AGDA WA for co hosting with us and to our awesome panelists for making the time to have a chat with us all! Our next #TDKtuesdays in on the 2nd of May and will be releasing details soon. What I can tell you is that it is definitely one not to be missed! For the rest of April there are still a bunch of creative events, exhibitions and workshops happening around Perth! Guerrila Establishment are holding a workshop on the 19th of April showing you tips and ticks with magazine layouts with the lovley Joanne Tapodi Creative and Type Club have a meet up at the Goods Shed on the 22nd of April they will be talking type, sharing our free-time feats and will have a dedicated area setup for those looking to brush up with some of Perth’s brightest! There are so many other great events so make sure you check out the Perth TDK Calendar! Hope to see you soon! Hailey

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Creative Mornings / PER

CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!

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Perth Creatives

‘the creatives’ is a website born out of a pure passion to see creatives connect.
it’s a way for us to celebrate each other and the craft we bring to the table.
there will be a weekly feature on a Perth creative with images, links and questions.

Visit perthcreatives.com

On the Grid Perth

On the Grid is a user-friendly guide curated by talented local designers who want to share exceptional places in their neighborhood with the rest of the world. On the Grid was created by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn.

Visit onthegrid.city/perth

The Swish

Swish Design delivers some of the best value website design and graphic design in Perth. We’ve made it OUR business to make YOUR business look THE business without the big design house price tag.

Visit swishdesign.com.au/blog


AGDA's goal is to increase awareness of the value of graphic design in business and its significance as a cultural force.

Visit agda.com.au

Design in WA

Design in WA produces weekly features showcasing all things good design that West Australia has to offer- from architecture and interior design to creative studios, style, and visual/graphic design

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We Love Perth

We Love Perth was born out of a desire to share all that is wonderful about our city. Tired of hearing that Perth was dull, two Sandgroper girls teamed up to show both locals and tourists how good we have it in Perth. We want to tell you about all the great places we like to hang out through our directory, which you can search through maps of different areas or by selecting what you would like to do.

Visit weloveperth.net.au

A Tactile Life

I’m loving the work of Charles Pétillon, a Paris-based photographer and installation artist. The series ‘Invasions’ encourages people to change the way they see their surrounds.

“These balloon invasions are metaphors,” said the artist. “Their goal is to change the way in which we see the things we live alongside each day without really noticing them.”

Visit atactilelife.com.au

Billy Blue Blog

In 1987, Billy Blue Creative decided to open a tiny design school to train people who would eventually work in the studio. A crowd of about four was expected. Sixty-six people enrolled and there was a long waiting list.
In essence, the school was created by industry for industry and we’ve been building on that concept ever since.

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The design apocalypse: how can we survive?

Alex Zabotto-Bentley of AZBcreative – the team behind Sydney’s Kittyhawk – shares with us the importance of ……
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Meg Walker, Auditor to Graphic Designer

Growing tired of her career as an external auditor Meg yearned for a job with more creativity. After attending an Info Session in Brisbane she signed up to the full-time course at #ShilloBRI to retrain as a designer. Flash forward and she’s now relocated to Brooklyn, New York and is working a…
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EP54 with Nick Bannikoff on Immersive Environments

In this episode, we spoke with Nick Bannikoff, Design Manager of Brand Culture. Starting as an industrial designer, Nick moved into environmental design and saw the transition from that slightly confusing name into how it is now known, as experiential design. Yep, nothing to do with sustainable gre…
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#TDKtuesdays is a monthly design meet-up, aimed at design students, grads, and professionals. It happens around the world on the 1st Tuesday of the month, with varying design activities (drinking beer, comparing kerning, studio tours, informal industry talks, spontaneous design excursions, magazine swaps and much more) and is organised by local design students and grads themselves. Jump over to the Perth facebook page for more details…

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Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow