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Ey up TDKers! It’s all going on in MCR in the next few weeks and here’s the low down: the night has finally arrived to see the amazing new home of one69A @ Islington Mill with booze, DJs & print making 👀🎨🍻 the Wonder Women 2018 Festival launches with amazing events happening all over the city, check out the Women in Media Conference in our FB Calendar 👯 DEFO get down to Plant Noma Free For Arts Festival and if you are free on the 16th and want to do amazing work for web you HAVE TO hit Upfront Conference, the speakers are world class 👌👌👌 AND if you are impacted by the HE strike action don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, check out our next #TDKtuesdays event on FB for deets 📱 in the mean time check out the delicious work of Deanna Halsall below for a big injection of inspiration ❤️🦄

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How Paul Rand presented logos to clients

In issue 153 of Graphis magazine(1971/72), Stanley Mason wrote a piece titled “How Paul Rand Presents Trade-Mark Designs to Clients”. It shared examples of the short-run booklets Rand used for showcasing his single-option design ideas, along with Rand’s thoughts on logos. The post How Paul Ran…
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