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Hello Dunedin, our April #TDKtuesdays was great, a couple of new faces and a very impressive venue – an Urban Dream Brokerage Pop Up – Hosting UNSTITCHED. The installations dreamed up in March looked even better in the flesh. Nothing much happening on the school nights this week, we could probably all do with a rest after this long weekend anyway. Buckle up for the coming weekend though with Feastock 2017, this year advertised with heinous typographic crimes but nonetheless a good time. For something a little more relaxing there are a number of art film screenings and a tour of Shannon Novak’s latest augmented reality installation with the DPAG. Check the calendar for details and keep your eyes keen for our upcoming May #TDKtuesdays event.

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Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow

Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow