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Happy 2018 AKL! No #TDKTuesdays this month due to Waitangi day but we’ll see your fresh & fruity faces on the 6th of March! Meanwhile, this Wednesday ‘Drawing Club’ are back for their 3rd free life drawing event at Queens Wharf! The week after are workshops galore including two Intro to Calligraphy workshops! Be quick! Plus, we are HIRING for TDK Hosts so if you are a student/grad that want’s to help the Auckland design community flourish then head over to the TDK site & express your interest!

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Design Assembly

Design Assembly is an active community for New Zealand graphic design and designers. Dedicated to building a strong, supportive industry, Design Assembly seeks to celebrate, grow and challenge through online conversation, events and workshops.

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A beginners guide to “Mid Century Modern” : its roots, its philosophy and its design

The term ‘Mid Century Modern’  is readily flung around by furniture stores, magazines and bloggers like a little hook to lure you in. Hey, its not the only catchy catch phrase out there that glows with trendy interior promises – but if you, like me, have grown a little confused ab…
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Smoke & Mirrors Exhibition Opening

On Friday, March 16th we celebrated the opening of  Nigel Roberts & Sam Burton’s exhibition ‘Smoke & Mirrors. It was a massive turn out thank you to everyone who came to see these amazing works and if you couldn’t it make sure you come and see it before it ends, the ex…
Visit nzartprints.co.nz


Curative is a creative agency committed to making the world a little bit better.

We use the tools of creativity, connection and collaboration to help change the narrative of complex social issues.

Visit curative.co.nz

Dusty Road

At Dusty Road, we represent and manage premier Advertising, Design, Film & TV Production and digital Innovation talent. We work with the best creative and digital talent including Kiwis returning home or talent coming to New Zealand to live. Our mission is to make sure you're happy doing great work, and it’s our care and the time we spend with you that makes this possible

Visit dustyroad.co.nz


Iconic Swedish brand String had iconic Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton whip up some scenes, to showcase their newest String shelving designs and configurations. This one was my favourite and best. You neeeeed to see the rest of this tiny tonal cottage (belonging ……
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Creative Connect

Whether you’re a graphic designer from Christchurch, a voice over artist from
Auckland or a motion graphic designer from Wellington, Creative Connect gives
you a free, media rich platform to upload your work and connect with peers &
professionals from all over New Zealand.

Visit creativeconnect.co.nz

Creative Mornings / AKL

CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!

Visit creativemornings.com/akl

Katie Lockhart Design

  LOVE those Flos Glow Ball wall lights (available in NZ through ECC Lighting). The toilet is behind that half height wall, and the shower is behind that half width wall. Photography by Neve Woodward, courtesy of Katie Lockhart Studio Had to ……
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Stuff That Looks Good #6

Some visual inspiration in the form of design, art and photography.
Visit motionsickness.co.nz

EDIT: Sofa Porn

Today I got a new sofa…the maiden “new sofa”of my life! “Lounging” features strongly in our home. I’m not embarrassed to tell you that its easy to find T and I, flat on our backs, on parallel sofas at all hours of the weekend or scattered around work. If we’…
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Petra Leary Artist Interview

Petra Leary is an NZ born and bred photographer whose work is distinguished by her travels. Petra’s adventurous nature is reflected in her work she tells us what projects have been the most memorable and how obsessed with drones she is. VIEW ALL PETRA LEARY ART PRINTS HERE >> What do…
Visit nzartprints.co.nz

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