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Yo Auckland! Next week we have the third and final Creative Catchup at @_theincubator and the guest speaker is the uber cool Sam Stuchbury from @motionsicknessstudios – They are killing it at the moment. An awesome #TDKTuesdays event is to be announced oh so soon so keep an eye on the Facebook group! @designersnz are holding a Designers Speak® with Dan Bernasconi spilling beans and provding insight into designing the Emirates Team New Zealand AC50 (which has won a Black pin at the Best Awards).

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Design Assembly

Design Assembly is an active community for New Zealand graphic design and designers. Dedicated to building a strong, supportive industry, Design Assembly seeks to celebrate, grow and challenge through online conversation, events and workshops.

Visit designassembly.org.nz

“Making a home your own…even if it isn’t” Vol. 1 : VISUAL MEMORIES

This year I have moved into a “forever” home. Despite being in my mid-thirties, this is a new thing for me as I’ve moved town every 3 years without fail since leaving school. While no crystal ball can tell me if I really will be here long term, for once the intention is totally there [&#82…
Visit studiohome.co.nz

Ross Murray New Art Prints

Ross Murray is an illustrator based in Mount Maunganui. After studying graphic design he developed a diverse range of styles while working as an in-house artist at an Auckland ad agency. These days he’s most well-known for his colourful comic book-inspired artwork and his vintage travel-style illu…
Visit nzartprints.co.nz


Curative is a creative agency committed to making the world a little bit better.

We use the tools of creativity, connection and collaboration to help change the narrative of complex social issues.

Visit curative.co.nz

Dusty Road

We’ve spent a while representing, employing, growing, developing and leading in the creative community, our community. We got to understand the best fit between talent, agency and project. So, after dispatching the old recruitment model humanely, we created our own piece of work for you. We like to call it - A better way to represent creative and digital talent and the businesses you work in.

Visit dustyroad.co.nz

A few of the Best

Cards for Kaikoura (after the earthquake) by Christchurch studio McCarthy Branding for Knewe, also by McCarthy. Love that ultramarine blue, and the subtle overgloss More great work out of Christchurch – this small brand identity by Thompson Co. Skin by ecostore – ……
Visit thenew.nz

Creative Connect

Whether you’re a graphic designer from Christchurch, a voice over artist from
Auckland or a motion graphic designer from Wellington, Creative Connect gives
you a free, media rich platform to upload your work and connect with peers &
professionals from all over New Zealand.

Visit creativeconnect.co.nz

Creative Mornings / AKL

CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!

Visit creativemornings.com/akl

Here Comes the Sun – Homestyle Preview

Blush and woven textures pair beautifully Styling by Juliette Wanty, Photography Wendy Fenwick Hi, my faves. If you know me, you know I’m an open book. But that’s not the book you were asking to read when you come here, so ……
Visit thenew.nz

Stuff That Looks Good #6

Some visual inspiration in the form of design, art and photography.
Visit motionsickness.co.nz

EDIT: ‘eXTRA’ Earrings !

I have MANY friends who have far more exuberant and bold taste in fashion than I, but one thing I harbour a weakness for is…the statement earring. It could have a lot to do with my years of ‘artfully’ shrouding myself in black (something I am pleased to say I have mostly weaned mys…
Visit studiohome.co.nz

Nicholas J Boyd Opening Night ‘Raw Attitude’

On Friday 8th of September, we celebrated the opening of artist Nicholas J Boyd’s exhibition ‘Raw Attitude. There was a massive turn out of people to see all new works by Nick, they filled the gallery and spilled out onto the street it was great to see all the support. Huge thanks to th…
Visit nzartprints.co.nz

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#TDKtuesdays is a monthly design meet-up, aimed at design students, grads, and professionals. It happens around the world on the 1st Tuesday of the month, with varying design activities (drinking beer, comparing kerning, studio tours, informal industry talks, spontaneous design excursions, magazine swaps and much more) and is organised by local design students and grads themselves. Join the Auckland facebook page for all details.

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Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow