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Hey Adelaide! our TDK Awards are back baby & with 10 shiny new worldwide judges – add it to your to do list this week. Also @brickandmortarcreative have a bunch of Christmassy workshops coming up (🎄☃) Head to @wellmade_au via the good reads on the homepage for all the deets! Plus, if you’re the outdoorsy type @aus_outdoor_living are on the hunt for a jnr/mid-weight Designer 👏🏿 so much good stuff – what a magical time of year 😉

Good reads from TDK friends

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Well Made

Experience unparalleled access to South Australia’s best visual artists, craftspeople, designers and creative spaces. Explore Well Made today to find a special gift, commission one of the State’s finest or discover what’s happening across our creative industry.

Visit wellmade.com.au

Love: but not the kind you read about

Bianca Iovino explains why that sweet Gucci bag can’t fill the hole in your heart. Nor can Ewan McGregor. Sigh. It’s cruel really. How we’re encouraged to run through childhood and adolescence, blindly and carelessly. [...]…
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Monday Load of Links

Ease into the start of the working week with some design food for thought and inspiration. Vaughan Oliver is the designer behind the look of the classic 4AD music label, for artists such as The Pixies and This Mortal Coil. He has a Kickstarter campaign for a new book that you can donate to. Stackmag…
Visit facingsideways.com

Peter Drew Arts

“I like to exhibit my art on the street because public space is a great equaliser, and it’s also an ancient forum. When you address the public through the street you’re entering into a tradition that emphasises our fundamental freedom of expression, over the value of property...

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The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) is the national organisation for professional graphic designers. It was founded in 1988 to facilitate the advancement of the graphic design profession in Australia.

Visit agda.com.au

(NY) Power In Print Exhibition

The New York Public Library is currently hosting an enlightening exhibition exploring the art of the Black Power movement poster, showcasing a variety of aesthetics, styles, and messaging strategies. Showcasing the era of 1960’s—70’s the posters focused on key figures including Malcol…
Visit shillingtoneducation.com


Based in Adelaide, we’re a creative bunch with a passion for brand management across the design, print and web platforms.

Visit argondesign.com.au/blog

EP62 with Kitiya Palaskas on Craft and Design

In this episode, we spoke with Kitiya Palaskas, Craft-based Designer from Melbourne. We spoke about podcasting goths, goth dads and being a goth in the United Arab Emirates, yep, with Kitiya Palaskas you never know where the conversation will go. This episode was recorded at the Adobe Make It conf…
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Billy Blue Blog

In 1987, Billy Blue Creative decided to open a tiny design school to train people who would eventually work in the studio. A crowd of about four was expected. Sixty-six people enrolled and there was a long waiting list.
In essence, the school was created by industry for industry and we’ve been building on that concept ever since.

Visit billyblue.edu.au/blog

Two-Dimensional Man: Paul Sahre

I don’t make any secret of the fact that Paul Sahre is one of my biggest design inspirations, needless to say, I was keenly really been looking forward to the release of  his book, Two-Dimensional Man. Paul Sahre is renowned for his book design for a number of well-known authors, so it is pro…
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Ignite Hospitality

The post Ignite Hospitality appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.
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Monday Load of Links

Ease into your Monday with some great design reads from far and wide Do designers limit themselves by favouring a handful of typefaces? Seth Godin always has something interesting to say, feeling like an imposter? I always love to browse through the Muji store down Broadway when I’m in New Yor…
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Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow


Student work via #TDKpeepshow