What is TDK?

We hear this all the time. “Oh, The Design Kids. Yeah, I follow you on Instagram. So… what is it?!” TDK is an online resource for student and graduate Graphic Designers, to help you get a kick ass job in the design industry. Simple.

How do we achieve it
Get inspired via industry interviews with the top designers around the globe, check out the current industry standard of latest work from local creatives, suggested blogs to read locally, and design directories for everything you need to know about your city’s design scene.

If you don’t know anyone yet, you should! We have a TDK City Host in each city, who runs our monthly design meet-up #TDKtuesdays, as well as curating exhibitions and events, conferences and workshops on the TDK Events Calendar.

We have complete job and internship listings if you’re looking for work, an online course if you don’t know where to start “How to get your dream job” and our annual TDK Awards celebrating the best talent each year.

We believe the best way to get an amazing job is not to skip straight to that job board, but invest some time in to getting to know the industry, get involved in your local design community, then getting hired is a breeze! Design is a unique beast where you don’t just get a job - you must get the *right* job for you! Dream big - here's some ideas to get you started:

Designer at Melbourne based studio making sweet brands for coffeeshops and breweries
Interview to read: Motherboard

Cashing in as a designer in the tech industry in San Francisco
Interview to read: Facebook - Scott Boms

Designing patterns for Nike in Austin
Interview to read: Will Bryant 

Getting flown around the world painting murals for sweet client, after studying typography in Brisbane
Instagram to stalk: Gemma O'Brien

Setting up a vintage riso printer in your spare room in Chicago
Interview to read: Clay Hickson

Designing pins and tees in Los Angeles
Interview to read: Valley Cruise Press

Making ridiculous rice experiments for your client’s Instagram in Atlanta
Interview to read: Mailchimp

Making giant pizza slices out of paper in Sydney
Interview to read: Kit Palaskas

Making ceramic shark heads out of a military control room in the LA desert
Interview to read: Lorien Stern

Creating amazing illustrations for your Wellington chocolate label
Interview to read: Inject Design

Living off your hand drawn typography in Perth
Interview to read: Matthew Wong


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