#TDKtuesdays City Hosts

The first Tuesday of the month, these guys host #TDKtuesdays around the globe. Join the local Facebook page, go meet them in person or contact them if you want to get involved. They are all heavily involved in the design industry, amazingly friendly and just good humans!

AdelaideErin Rispen

Heyo! I’m Erin, a Communication Design student studying at UniSA. I originally studied art, then architecture, so I’ve always known I wanted to create - just not what exactly. I secretly want to be Iris Apfel, and have a love for anything considered ugly, especially if the words “tragic”, “70’s”, or “velvet” are  mentioned.  I enjoy anything I ‘hands on’ as well as creating designs for print, and place making. If you catch me around the place  you’ll most likely find me fawning over an animal, singing at an inappropriate time or drawing on something I shouldn’t.
I’m a big fan of collaboration, and as Adelaide’s TDK host I’m keen to get involved with some great local events and workshops. Can’t wait to meet you all at the next #TDKtuesdays meet up! 

Instagram: @ricepan

AtlantaMary Sellers

Mary here! I’m currently hustlin’ at PRISK, the design and branding studio I founded in 2015. I work as art director, designer, illustrator, janitor, comedian…whatever is needed to build the agency and support our team. My focus is primarily in print, branding, and packaging, which is why I maintain an unreasonably large collection of beautifully packaged and utterly worthless crap. When I’m not in the trenches with our fabulous clients you can find me shredding the trails on my mountain bike, eating burritos, and telling seriously cheesy jokes.

I have had a life-long love affair with the design world and I’m super pumped to help build and expand Atlanta’s creative community. No matter what your particular style or medium, you have a place here. I will keep you posted about kick-ass local events, so keep an eye on the TDK event calendar. Let’s spread the design love, make some new friends, and have a boat load of fun along the way! 

Instagram: @maryclaudette

AucklandAbhi Topiwala

Kia Ora & Namaste! The name’s Abhi and I am currently in my final year at Unitec. I study design, animation, and collaborating in groups is a quintessential part of all of this. You know what they say - many hands make light work!
I’d like to think I have a life outside of tertiary study and in my own time I like to eat, sleep and be merry (that counts right?).
Hand lettering is something that gets my heart pumping and my eyes light up like sparkles on Guy Fawkes. I like to do it, see it, live it, and breathe it. I resonate deeply with Picasso’s words “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” By being creatives I reckon we get to think differently and the privilege of being able to create is definitely what keeps me going through the thick and thin. 
I’ve been a part of the TDK community for a year now and I’m stoked to have taken up the role of the #TDKTuesdays host for AUCKLAND - I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you!
Instagram: @atopiwala

Amsterdam, Roos Lomans

Hoi TDK Amsterdam! I’m Roos, I’m 1.87 centimetres tall (yes, that’s over 6.1) Dutch and an all round explorer. I love adventures
and am never happier than which i have a backpack on. In my passport I am 26; in my head i have the curiosity of a 7 year old and I approach my life with excitement and enthusiasm. Design gives me the opportunity to play in a grown up way. 
I'm so proud to be a part of the design kids and I can't wait to meet other creatives in Amsterdam! 

Instagram: @findingfortunes

Barcelona, Romayne Gadelrab

Hola! I am Romayne, all the letters of my name rearranged make ‘Agreeably Random’ the label with which I freelance over here in Barcelona from. I studied graphic design in London and recently graduated from the design research Masters in Elisava BCN. We are super lucky in Barcelona to have some of the worlds best design festivals and studios on our doorstep and I look forward to meeting you all at our own creative events  for #TDKTuedays.  Obsessions include 0.5mm pens, all things Japanese, drinking vermut and making zines- lets get together and make a zine !  

Instagram: @agreeablyrandom

Brisbane, Chloe Soan

I’m Chloe, I’m obsessed with letterpress, pillows and watercolours. I'm the Studio Manager at TDK 😉 and a sessional tutor at QUT. Now and then I do some freelance work, I love identity and branding design - my favourite part is all the research (such a nerd). Otherwise you'll find me reading, repurposing old books, swimming and consuming watermelon in all its forms. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE #TDKtuesdays, it's such a great way to get involved in the design scene and know what everyone is up to. I've met some of my favourite people through TDK, so come down and meet some rad people, have a drink and chat design. 

Instagram: @thisisnotanorange

Berlin, Meryl Vedros

Meryl here by way of Amerylca. I’m a multidisciplinary designer and researcher with a focus in branding. I moved to Berlin in 2016 to start my business and learn the language, so far so good. Taking risks, exercise, and engaging with strangers through social design are a couple of my favorite things. When I’m not designing, I’m traveling or making art with food. 

TDK Berlin is going to be awesome. Beyond helping you get out in the industry I am going to push you to take risks, do different things, and enjoy life however you choose to live it. Berlin is a great city with huge potential and I will do my best to help you find your place whether thats starting your own practice or nesting into a new studio.

Instagram: @merylvedros

Canberra,  Juliette Dudley

Hey Canberra, I'm Juliette! After several years working as a designer and studio manager in various roles, I now run my own studio Poyo – working as designer, illustrator, art director, copywriter, and everything in between (and I love it)! I studied graphic design at CIT and University of Canberra after a stint studying archaeology at ANU. When I'm not at my computer you can find me playing with cats, practicing Korean and Japanese, playing video games, watering my thousands of indoor plants, or getting my caffeine fix in Braddon.
I've been involved with #TDKTuesdays in one form or another since it first started in Canberra, and it's a great way to meet other local designers, share experiences and nerd out about design. In many ways Canberra is small, but we have a stack of talent and opportunity going on – so don't be shy, come along and get involved!

Instagram: @juliettedudley

Chicago, Regan Carey

Hi there, I’m Regan! Since graduating from DePaul University’s design program in 2015, I’ve been committed to finding ways to use design to help others. I’m on the design team at Event360, an event management company that creates amazing events for non-profits, and I’m also the co-event chair for AIGA Chicago’s Design for Good initiative. In my spare time, I dabble in knitting, pottery, bookbinding, cooking, and exploring this city in a garden. The freshest spot to talk design, discover ideas, and make friends is at our next #TDKtuesdays event—and you’re not going to want to miss it!

Instagram: @regancarey

Christchurch, Kate Darby

Kia Ora, I'm Kate! I'm a recent grad from Massey University in Wellington, but I'm back in my hometown of Christchurch these days, and keen to get more of a design community going down here. I'm the founder of a startup called Dovetail X which I'm building to enable designers find other creatives to collaborate with. I also do a lot of freelance branding, web, and graphic design work for a range of big and small clients. 

When I'm not furiously googling why my code broke or sketching logos, I can be found adventuring around Canterbury, trying to discover Christchurch's next best brunch spot, or watching a TED talk.

I'm excited to bring the design community of Christchurch together for #TDKtuesdays to hangout, collaborate, bounce ideas round, and uncover all the cool opportunities Christchurch has to offer for young designers. Looking forward to seeing you all first Tuesday of each month!

Instagram @katedarby_

Denver, Nichelle Tesone

Hi Denver! I'm Nichelle and I am a multi-disciplined designer who just recently graduated (woohoo!) from the design program at the University of Colorado Denver. I interned at an advertising agency this summer and since I have been freelancing for agencies in the Denver/Boulder area and with my own clients. I love all things art and design, but I have a passion for branding, typography, and photography. #TDKtuesdays in Denver is gearing up for 2017, so stay posted and join us for some good times and new friends!

Instagram @nichelletesone

Dublin, Zita Kirk

Hello hello, I’m Zie from Dublin and I recently finished my course in Visual Communications. After all these years I should know what I want to specialise in, right? Nope! All I know is that I’m excited to work, contribute and explore within the design community. I’m currently developing a project called All Work Now Play that aims to cultivate a stronger student designer community. When I’m not at my computer doing creative work, I’m probably swooning over cute puppers, or binging on other visual material *cough* Netflix. Join me at TDK Tuesdays to chat about all things design, your woes, goals and everything in between. I look forward to meeting you all.

Instagram @ziekirk

Dunedin, Craig Scott

I’m Craig, and I am Head of Design at Otago Museum in Dunedin. I studied Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic, graduating in 2009. Dunedin has tonnes of up and coming and established talent, so it was a no brainer to put my hand up to make #TDKtuesdays happen here. It’s really exciting to have a forum to exchange plans, triumphs and failures between students, grads and industry. I look forward to seeing the magic that monthly meet-ups can make happen!

Instagram @cra1gsc0tt

Glasgow, Jonny Mowat

Hi! I’m Jonny, a 23 year old designer and illustrator, recently graduated into the big, juicy world of creative employment. The path that has led me to be actively pursuing a career in design/illustration/creativity in general, has been an odd one. When I started university, I did two years of mathematics with computing science, then had a quarter-life crisis about how boring that was and how fun it was making stuff for people. Instead of jumping ship and studying graphic design, I semi-jumped my half-ship and switched to Product Design Engineering. I continued to lean firmly towards the design part of the course as it felt euphoric compared to power electronics lectures, and committed to teaching myself as much as I could in my evenings and weekends. Now I’ve graduated and I’m working as a designer, and I’ve told you all this so that you know I haven’t really got a clue what I’m doing and that’s why I wanted to help set up The Design Kids in Glasgow, which will hopefully give at least a wee bit of guidance to people floundering around in the early years of their career like I have been. I also like films/doughnuts/skateboards/disco.
Instagram: @jmowatstuff

Gold Coast, Dave Lydiard

Yo! My name is Dave and I am the Studio Manager / Designer at Oven Creative in Surfers Paradise. I’m all about expressing personality and character as simply as possible, whether it be through design, copy, composition or a combination of the three.

#TDKTuesdays are back in 2017 and we’re ready to bring the fire AND drop some bombs! We’re talking industry speakers, excursions, beer, food, events and most important of all – networking, where you’ll potentially meet your future employer/ business partner/ best friend/ lover!

#TDKTuesdays on the GC provide an environment for students, new grads and those working in the industry to talk shop, share ideas, collaborate and build a stronger design community for the region. Be there or be square!


Kansas City, Lauren Osoba

Hello! I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kansas City, MO. I am happy to represent the Design Kids in the Kansas City area; helping students and other emerging designers is very rewarding. I currently work at Novella Brandhouse, a boutique branding and design firm. I love, love, love freelance and passion projects. I am an avid collector of design and illustration; from illustrated maps and city guides to books and magazines. When I am not designing I enjoy traveling to places near and far with my fiancé, Jared, and our Corgi Malshi mix, Cordiroy. I also document Cordiroy's adventures on his Instagram, and he even has his own zine, to be released soon.


Melbourne, Shelby De Fazio

Hey there I’m Shelby! Since graduating from Communication Design at RMIT in 2015, with a couple of internships under my belt, I travelled to New York to intern and simultaneously fall in love with the city. The following months were spent in the glorious European sunshine and upon returning to Melbourne late last year, I worked full time in a corporate studio. Now biting the bullet and working as a freelancer, I’m super excited to get on board the fabulous TDK team, meet some awesome like minded people, throw around ideas and collectively explore the amazing design community we have here in Melbourne.

Instagram: @shelbydoesntlikecheese

Milwaukee, Ashley Sternberg

Hello Milwaukee! I’m Ashley, a December 2016 graduate of the design and visual communication program at UW-Milwaukee and a current design intern at Summerfest for their 50th edition celebration. Outside of work, you can find me attending various events in the design community around Milwaukee, volunteering with the wonderful mentors and students of Islands of Brilliance, or developing my app with the Student Startup Challenge at UWM. Since moving to Milwaukee in 2011, I’ve fallen in love with the city's creative energy and I truly believe that Milwaukee is on the cusp of becoming one of the most vibrant cultural hubs of the Midwest. I’m excited to play a role in continuing to grow and connect Milwaukee’s design community through TDK!

Instagram: @ashu.desu

Newcastle, Gray Clack

Freelance graphic designer. Full-time comic geek. If I had a superpower it would be the ability to draw a perfect circle every single time. I graduated from Hunter TAFE’s graphic design program in 2015, and spent 2016 completing further studies and honing my design skills at Newcastle’s Pumphouse School of Design. For 2017 I’ve moved my freelance business into The Roost, an open-plan studio/community of independent creative people sharing space and ideas in the heart of our city. 

I love that we have a group like TDK where up-and-coming creatives can get together with seasoned pros to share knowledge and ideas over a beer or two. #TDKTuesdays Newcastle has a great track record of cool events, workshops and guest speakers, and 2017 is shaping up to carry on that tradition!

Instagram: @seechangecreative

New York, Bianca Ng & Farah Kafei 

Hi, I'm Bianca Ng, a designer, illustrator, and writer who’s obsessed with typography, imperfections, and the female psyche. I graduated from the University of Michigan. Previously, I worked at a design studio, agency, and tech startup. I frequently experiment with analog processes and I find inspiration from connecting with creative people. #TDKtuesdays is an amazing to hang out with talented and motivated creative people from all types of backgrounds.

Hi! I'm Farah, a graphic design student in my last year at Pratt institute. I interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I thoroughly enjoyed spending my time surrounded by such inspiring art. I am interested in the intersection of of design and culture, and using design for a greater good. Come talk all things life & design at our rad NYC #TDKtuesdays! 


Paris, Céline Massucco

Hi, I’m Céline a French Graphic Designer. I first studied French literature, advertising  and geography but I was more interested in doodling in my notebook than actually listening to the lessons. I managed to graduate though and flew away to Graphic Design school! I recently came back from work adventure in New York and London and I’m now working as an Art Director Junior in Paris. I’m in love with German typeface and brutalism. I also like illustrations, any rolled food and birthday presents (3rd of February, just case …)

I’m excited to be Paris host for the Design Kids. Can’t wait to meet and collaborate with cool talented Parisians. 

Instagram: @celine_katze

Perth, Hailey Sims

Hi I’m Hailey, I run my own design studio, Hailey Sims Designs which has its owns clients and I also do freelance work for a number of studios and agencies around Perth. I graduated from Tafe with my Advanced Diploma in 2012 and then Curtin in 2013. In those years The Design Kids was a great source for information about industry and more importantly connecting and promoting up-and-coming designers to industry. So come on down & get involved!

Instagram: @haileybsims

Portland, Drew Hankins

Howdy! I’m Drew, A designer, studying at PSU in Portland, Oregon. I’m endlessly enthralled by the concept of community building and how art/design can effortlessly bring people together, from all walks of life. When I’m not solving problems with design, you’ll often catch me on the hunt for new and exciting adventures. I’m SO DANG EXCITED to head out on this new adventure with The Design kids! 

Instagram: @drewha503

San Diego, Summer Williams

Hi! I'm Summer! I'm a graphic design student at San Diego State University. I hope to do front end web development when I graduate. Right now I work from home for a social media agency as a graphic designer. I get inspired by everything I encounter and I'm constantly looking for problems to solve in a creative, new way. I really enjoy being involved in the creative community so I'm super excited to be a TDK city host! I'm always on the hunt for cool events in our community to go to (I put them in our TDK event calendar, so keep an eye on that!). Looking forward to meeting you at our next event!
PS... If you haven't read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic, you need to. It is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to live creatively.

Instagram: @summerwilliamsdesign

San Francisco, Nikky Keavy

Hi, I’m Nikola, an art director and Aussie expat living in San Francisco. I have a background in branding and print, and a love-affair with all things type. I spend my days working with the smart people at Campaign Monitor. And at nights I'm eating my way through San Francisco and nerding-out on typography at design events.

Instagram: @nixykeavy

Seattle, Liliana Rasmussen

Hi! I'm Liliana, and I'm studying Industrial Design at the University of Washington in Seattle. I love both 2D and 3D design, and I hope to be able to work with and merge both. I love plants, pasta, art, travel, activism, and spending time with my friends. I'm super excited to be joining the TDK fam, and I can't wait to host some dope #TDKtuesdays events!

Instagram: @_lili_llama_

Sydney, Beau Penton

Heya Sydney crew! I'm Beau. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator living in Sydney! Currently I'm working as an in-house designer for an international homewares company over in Bondi while also producing a range of small patches and pieces on my own. Outside of the design world you can normally catch me at a gig, a bar or out on the football pitches of Sydney! I'm a massive fan of TDK and love watching the group go from strength to strength in Sydney. Come on down and meet the crew!

Instagram: @beau__not

Tasmania, Isobel Clark

Hi All! I’m Isobel, coming to you from the beautiful island state, Tasmania. I am a recent graduate of Foundry, having studied a diploma in Graphic Design in Launceston. I am now working as the sole graphic designer of an award winning local marketing firm, Kingthing Marketing. Where I am hoping to expand my skill set and learn more about the industry. When I’m not freelancing in my spare time, you can catch me exploring my island home, whether it be climbing a mountain, swimming in the ocean, or having a cheeky wine with friends and family. Design is everywhere, and I am always excited to be part of this ever evolving industry. I love to surround myself with creative people and am always eager to meet and hear from other like minded people. I hope to catch some of Tassie’s amazing talent, at the next TDKTuesday meet up in Launceston, to talk all things creative.

Instagram: @isobelclarkdesign

Toronto, Hyejeong Yun

HELLO! I’m Hyejeong, and I am from South Korea. I studied Industrial Design in Korea, and I am currently studying graphic design at OCADU in Toronto. My inspiration comes from coffee and the stillness of the night. I am really interested in using paper craft for my design as a tool of communicating with people in a analogue way. Also, I love design as not only a means of communicating with people and the world, but also as a method of truly interacting with them in a loving spirit. I am super-duper excited to meet people!

Instagram: @chubi

Wellington, TK Price

Kia ora from Wellington! After graduating from Shillington in Melbourne back in 2013. I currently work as the In-house designer for Huia, a publishing house as well as a stack of freelance work to keep me on my toes. A #TDKtuesdays regular, I’m chuffed to be looking after the Wellington chapter and hope to have a few brews and yarns with the up and coming creative community. Keep an eye out for our next round of mischief the top Tuesday of each month!
Instagram:  @fush_n_chumps

Vancouver, Lauren Bortoli 

Hello! My name is Lauren, and the owl is Sweet Potato. I'm a Graphic Designer & Illustrator with a flair for travel, currently living away from my native hometown of Melbourne, Australia, to breathe the mountain fresh air of Vancouver. Before leaving I was working as a freelance beer label designer, full time in Pre-press and completing internships from some of Melbourne's premiere design agencies. Right now I'm happily spending my time freelancing and creating rad illustrations, whilst also finding my design feet in this new city. 
Vancouver has a tonne of design potential, and I'm keen to meet and greet others also partaking in this journey. So, grab your toque and check out #TDKTuesdays for a beer, a chat and some design-y good times