Meet The Team

Frankie Ratford
TDK Director

Frankie’s name has been photoshopped into ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’ more than once. She’s fascinated with the intersection between design, travel and business, and likes to do five things at the same time. She has worked as a print designer, a lecturer, an intern, a blogger, a freelancer, a book binder and a bunch of other design related stuff. She’s lived in 13 cities, in 25+ houses and is currently road tripping around the world for six years, right now in Europe building the TDK empire (lols). She started The Design Kids in 2009 and launched with a market stall in the front yard with some mates and a DJ. She is a sunny Sagittarius who splits her time between her 60’s shack in rural Tasmania and catching planes to far away (warmer) places.

Instagram @frankieratford
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Chloe Anna 
Studio Manager

Chloe is the biggest go-getter in Brissy! After taking over TDKTuesdays BNE in 2015 her passion for the local creative scene skyrocketed, and her aim was to be a pillar of knowledge for students and grads coming into the industry. Consequently, in the years following, she’s worked with some of the most influential creative groups in the city, including The Brisbane Collective, Jungle Love Festival, Mous. Magazine, RAW Brisbane and Brisbane Festival

Currently she's a sessional tutor at QUT (recruiting newbies to join the TDK fam 😉 ), and Creative Lead / Ovary Advocate at The Womens Health Collective (#ovarygang). On top of that she’s addicted to volunteering. Her favourite placement was with the RSPCA - OMG puppies!

When she’s not trying to chase Frankie around the world she’s at the beach, trying to naturally bleach her hair and convincing everyone it’s never too hot for a cappuccino.

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Casey Schuurman
Social Media Manager

Casey is a Melbourne based Typographer and Lettering Artist, obsessed with all things gold, handmade and/or wrapped in pastry.

To Casey, lettering is the perfect intersection between design and illustration, digital and analogue. She is a big believer in all things handcrafted and prides herself on beginning all projects by hand. When she realised in her final year at university that Typography could be pursued as a career path, she went for it — and hasn’t looked back since!

When Casey’s not working on freelance projects, she teaches Lettering workshops, exhibits in group shows, experiments with personal work and alternates between making the most of Melbourne's epic food scene and road-tripping to the Dandenong Ranges for a sketch in the sun.

Instagram @caseyschuurman
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Corrie Michelle Anderson
Head of Europe

Corrie Michelle Anderson, otherwise known as Coriander, is a dead set legend. After smashing life in a small studio making them mega famous, she went on to head up Shillington College Melbourne and then take over the London campus too! If you bump into Corrie, she’ll be the one wearing every colour of the rainbow, and laughing her head off. Now married to her Swedish love, she resides in a canal side loft in Shoreditch running her own freelance company under a secret pseudonym! We love her and we’re so excited she’s joining TDK to take on the Europe arm. Fun times await!

Instagram: @corriemichelleanderson 

Alex Gracey
Head of North America

Alex emerged from the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, stopping off in Baltimore where he graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and LA where he worked as a chef, before making his way to Brooklyn. Alex loves the deep dive into anything he does, favoring an uncomfortable situation if it leads to a more enriching outcome. When he’s not running an international neighborhood guide curated by the world’s best designers (aka. On The Grid), you’ll find him talking to radishes as he shops for food or spending time with his 3 legged cat. If he could go anywhere right now, it would probably be Stockholm. 

Instagram: @alexandergracey

Andy Matsinos & James Burke (
Web Developers

After migrating from Albury to Melbourne in 2011, Andy and James have been busy building their web design and development business which now operates from a little studio tucked away in Richmond, VIC. Starting from pocket money and a lot of hard work, the boys realised their dream of avoiding the corporate desk life in pursuit of an exciting, challenging and self-driven career. Country boys at heart, Andy can be found catching fish (trying to) with his brother or taking care of his ever growing plant collection, while James is usually kicking back drinking a camomile tea and listening to one of his many country music albums.

Instagram @bone_digital
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Tim LeRoy
Business Coach/Chief Cheerleader

Tim teaches organisations to flourish and to grow. He trained as a barman, a hot air balloonist, a tour guide, a spin doctor, an English teacher and a brand director. He’s worked all over the world, both for global mega-corps and for small companies; some of which went bust, so his resume is strangely compelling. He’s TDK’s official old guy and he likes growing potatoes, watching sunsets, noisy music and drinking good beer. To make him happy, just add saltwater.

Twitter @timleroyis