How does The Design Kids work?

Its surprisingly simple. To get hired you need to do your research and start putting your hand up for stuff.

Get inspired.

  • Indepth studio interviews
  • Latest work from local creatives
  • Suggested blogs to read locally
  • Local design directory

Get involved.

  • Our design meetup #TDKtuesdays
  • Exhibitions and events
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Design competitions

Get hired.

  • TDK Awards 2017
  • Get-a-job Course
  • Job board
  • Internships
  • TDK Awards '16

Struggling to get a job in Graphic Design?

At TDK we're all about building up a healthy community between students graduating and the best people in the design industry. TDK is a free resource to help you make that transition, but if you're struggling to go it alone we've written a 12 step course to make it into a no-brainer! Don't just get any job in design, get the dream job you set out to get.

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